Meet The Founder Of Nømad Coffee, Jordi Mestre

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24 April 2017

Meet Jordi Mestre, award-winning barrista and founder of Nømad Coffee, one of the very best places to enjoy coffee in Barcelona – even the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Le Monde agree! Not content with just pouring some of the best espresso in town, Nømad recently acquired their very own roastery, a.k.a the ‘Roaster’s Home’ in Poblenou. Book a tasting and witness the magic from bean to cup! For all your coffee needs, find the Nømad team on Twitter and Instagram or book one of their weekly coffee tastings via the Nømad Coffee website.

Just some of the tools Jordi likes to work with | Courtesy of Nømad Coffee

What is the most unusual request you’ve had?

Extra hot – half normal – half decaf – super dry cappuccino – with two white sugars.

I did not know where to start.

What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

Define your style and follow your instinct, it’s the only way to do something different and new. If you just want to reproduce an existing business concept, don’t do it. It has been done already and you are probably not as good as the original. Moreover, being the first one means it is usually easier to succeed at being the best.

What’s next?

A world of opportunities, just trying to choose the right ones.

A coffee tasting at Nømad | Courtesy of Nømad Coffee

What advice would you give your younger self?

Not too sure about this one, probably I would have hired a project manager when building the new site (the Roaster’s Home). They were just the eight toughest months of my life, trying to manage and coordinate the building works.

If you could only bring three things to a desert island, what would they be?

A knife, good company, good health – so we could just stay and not come back.

How would you describe The Roaster’s Home in 80 characters?

An open doors coffee factory: as transparent with our work as we are with our philosophy.

Jordi at work | Courtesy of Nømad Coffee

Beach or mountain? Both!

Espresso or cafe con leche? Always black.

Apple or android? Apple.

Love or friendship? Loving every one of my friends.

Train or plane? Plane, as far as it can take me.

Morning or evening? Very much of a morning person.

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