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Ninja Obsession | © Samanta Ra
Ninja Obsession | © Samanta Ra
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Meet The Fashion Designer, Sara Vidigal

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Updated: 24 April 2017
Meet Sara Vidigal, a fashion designer from Spain. Sara has been studying in Madrid, Barcelona and Holland.  She finished her master’s studies in fashion design at Felicidad Duce and her last project and thesis work was called ‘Urban Warriors.’ Sara speaks about her work as a designer, sharing her thoughts with The Culture Trip. See more of Sarah’s work on her website. You can also follow Sara on Instagram and on Facebook.


Ninja Obsession | © Samanta Ra

Ninja Obsession | © Samanta Ra

What is the most unusual request you’ve had?

I have one unusual request right now: to design a collection for the creator of very cool articulated dolls. The brand is called Twigling and the dolls are made of resin and are about 67 cm tall. I love the concept and idea of the collection and I am looking forward to starting.

What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

I would warn him that it is not an easy path, it requires effort and dedication. You need to move yourself a lot. To be at important events in the same style as your brand; photo shoots, exhibitions and fashion parades is as important as online presence. If you stop doing things you quickly disappear from the map because new people are always  appearing.


What’s next?

I have just made a parade at Madrid Gothic week so I am going to move my latest collection, ‘Urban warriors’, and then I would like to design a more wearable collection. I know that my clothes are not thought for day to day life; I usually rent the clothes for photo shoots or video clips. I am also an illustrator and right now I am into a collaborative project with a patterned shirt shop on the way.

Green Army |© Angeles Gonzales

Green Army |© Angeles Gonzales

What is your dream project?

To design the clothing of a science fiction film would be a dream come true. It would be thrilling. This kind of film allows artists to have great freedom of creation and not many limitations, even when they are just based on the human body (you can have aliens too).

What is the most memorable moment from your career?

It was the first time I saw real models wearing my clothing on a runway. The feeling is amazing, you can see all of your work walking in front of you and in front of everybody.

 If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

It is a complicated question because it depends on the approach, but for me the chosen one would be Alexander McQueen. His originality and style have marked me for life, I think there are people in fashion that create clothes to wear and some other that are artists, for me he was an artist.

How would you describe your work in 80 characters?

Urban fantasy: a mix between the fantasy influenced by sci-fi, medieval, videogames and urban tribes.

© Pilar de Miguel

© Pilar de Miguel

Yoga or Pilates? Pilates.

High-heels or sneakers? Sneakers with platforms.

Roman Polanski or Stanley Kubrick? Roman Polanski.

Mac or PC? I like PC, but for my work I need Mac.

New York or Paris? New York.

Sea or Mountain? Mountain.

Mojito or Gin Tonic? Mojito.


By Anna Jauhola