Josep Xortó, The Barcelona-Based Musician Making Waves

Josep always lets the music carry him away | Courtesy of Josep Xortó
Josep always lets the music carry him away | Courtesy of Josep Xortó
Josep Xortó, known simply as ‘Jo’ amongst his most die-hard fans, has been a staple in the Barcelona music scene for quite some time now, having previously wooed the crowds in London with his groovy beats and melodic tunes. From his solo work as Josep to his bands Critters and Stand Up Against Heart Crime, as well as his DJ work along the way (he can regularly be found DJing at Juanita Lalá or Barts, among others), Xortó successfully caters to a variety of different musical tastes. Since it was first launched in the summer of 2014, Xortó has also been one of the people behind the immensely popular Glove Party: ‘a cosmic night with the best attitude, freak stuff and positive quality music. A musical journey from African sound, to disco and funky stuff’. Indeed, no one looking for a good night out in Barcelona should ever miss this. If you do not yet know his work, have a listen to some of his music here. Josep Xortó can also be found on Twitter and Instagram


Josep Xortó

Josep Xortó is one of the forces behind Barcelona’s Glove Party | Courtesy of Josep Xortó

What is the most unusual request you’ve had?

“Can you play something more danceable?” Actually, that’s a pretty common question I get when I DJ, but I find it very awkward.


What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

Go out there, find your path. Don’t stop, be patient, know your part, don’t follow the hype, follow your heart.


What’s next?

Next is to further develop the GLOVE PARTY project and to continue delivering songs with the projects I’m a part of; Critters will be the next, I guess.


Josep Xortó

Josep always gets carried away by the music | Courtesy of Josep Xortó

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

I guess I would love to see my father again.


If you could only bring three things to a desert island, what would they be?

A big knife, a super durable lighter and a guide on how to survive in the jungle.


How would you describe your music in 80 characters? 

It really depends on the project and the track. If you are only thinking about one style in particular, forget it.


Josep’s collaborated with Carles Congost’s The Congosound to create a catchy Catalan adaptation of a 1980s Sabadell Sound song:

Guitar or vocals? Vocals.

Beer or Wine? Whisky.

London or Barcelona? Barcelona.

Sala Apolo or Sala Razzmatazz? GLOVE PARTY!

Humans or aliens? Humans.

Love or friendship? Both.