Meet The Barcelona-Based Men's Tailor, Oscar H. Grand

We met with the Barcelona-based men’s tailor Oscar H. Grand, founder of the eponymous clothing store in the Born. Oscar opened his first store in 2001 after working at a textile factory and having put together various small collections for other stores. His current store, where he can be found working away throughout the week, and in which he strives to ‘make products that are special and close to clients while working in an environment of complete creative freedom,’ has been open since 2006. If you haven’t had the time to pop by, you can always find him on Facebook or follow his latest creations on Instagram.

Oscar at his store in the Born | © Oscar H. Grand

What is the most unusual request you’ve had’

For a while I had a Greek client who was a bit of an eccentric artist. He would ask me to make him original clothing for his inaugurations: half-done, still basted clothing or extravagantly colored suits that would be, for example, the same pink as his artwork, etc. Every once in a while you actually can enjoy making things like that for creative and fearless people like him.

What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

The fashion world can be approached in many different ways, which is why I can’t give a generic answer to this question that is applicable to everyone that wants to break into the fashion business. It all depends on what sector the person’s product is aimed at, as well as the infrastructure and the investment that person disposes of, among other things. I could only give advice to someone who is very similar to me, in which case I’d say that bravery is what you need the most so that a personal dream can come true… I don’t know what else I could possibly say to this effect.

Oscar at work | © Oscar H. Grand

What is your dream project?

A bigger store, with enough room to make clothing from beginning to end, and with a team of helpers and creative people that work to offer my clients the most interesting, unique and handmade things that can possibly exist in the fashion world. Essentially, I would like to take what I already do and make it ten times greater than what it is at the moment.

What is the most memorable moment from your career?

Without a doubt, it would have to be when I opened my first store. The excitement I had then was indescribable.

How would you describe your business?

As a handmade clothing store for men that takes great care of details and that personally takes care of its clients. As the type of business that is, in this day and age, hard to find, but that is greatly appreciated by consumers. As a place with a weekly production of new fabrics, designs and ideas. As a laboratory-store or a workshop-store that seeks to differentiate itself from the world of industrially- and mass-produced clothing.

Oscar’s clients proudly pose with his creations; in the background, some of the shirts and pants that can be found at his store. | © Oscar H. Grand

Shorts or pants? Pants.

Lagerfeld or McQueen? McQueen.

Quantity or quality? Quality.

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

Catalonia or California? California.

Motorcycle or bicycle? Bicycle.
Interview by Cristina Tomàs White

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