Just 12 Photos of Valencia's Sunflower Valley That Will Make You Wish You Were There Right Now

Sunflower fields I © Cermelo Pecino/Flickr
Sunflower fields I © Cermelo Pecino/Flickr
You may have seen incredible photos of ‘Sunflower Valley’ in the vicinity of Valencia, but where exactly is it in Spain? No one seems to know precisely, but there are many stunning sunflower fields south of Valencia, especially in the region of Alforins. Here you’ll find what locals call the “mar de girasoles“, or sea of sunflowers. Feast your eyes on these photos of the Valencia region’s beautiful sunflower fields.
Sunflower field in Alforins, Valencia. Photo: Sergio Sisternes/Flickr
Sunflower fields. Pixabay/Valiunic
Mar de Girasoles. Flickr/Visos
Sunflower fields near Valencia. Photo: Fickr/jesarqit

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Sunflower fields near Valencia. Photo: Flickr/Masaki EK
Sunflower fields near Moixent, Valencia. Photo: ecalabuig/Flickr
Sunflower field near Valencia. Photo: Sergio Sisternes/Flickr