Introducing Napflix: The World's Most Boring Channel

Sleep deprived? Napflix has come to the rescue | Via Pixabay
Sleep deprived? Napflix has come to the rescue | Via Pixabay
It’s perhaps no surprise that Spain, a country famous for its siesta time, should also be the first place to host a TV channel entirely dedicated to helping you nap. Launched just two weeks ago, Napflix is already attracting hundreds of views a minute from users the world over who are hoping to catch a quick wink.

Ever tried to send yourself to sleep by watching a movie, only to find that just as you’re dozing off there’s suddenly an outburst of action that startles you wide awake? Well, a group of Spanish entrepreneurs has just launched a free online TV channel with a guaranteed ‘no thrills, no action’ policy. In fact, they pride themselves on broadcasting only the most soporific of programs, designed to help viewers get some shut-eye in no time.

Mimicking the popular online TV channel Netflix, Napflix has handpicked some of the most boring content to be found on the Internet and brought it together on one easy-to-use platform. The team at Napflix has searched the Internet high and low to find the crème de la crème of sleep-inducing content, and the breadth of choice is really quite impressive – from a replay of the 1992 Tour de France to a lecture on Einstein’s physics. There’s also a traditional Mass all in Latin, and even some rotisserie chickens just doing their thing in a shop window for 54 minutes.

The channel’s founders, Spaniards Víctor de Tena and Francesc Bonet, explained that, more than just a fun side project, Napflix is aiming to revive siesta culture at a time when this traditional Spanish practice is under threat of disappearance. The Spanish government has already announced plans to modify Spanish working hours to make them more compatible with those of their European competitors. Many companies close for up to three hours at lunchtime, meaning that when employees return to the office their coworkers in other European countries are already preparing to head home for the day.

Within just two weeks of launching, the site had already received hundreds of views per minute from every corner of the world, much to the surprise and delight of the two founders. It seems that, while the concept of a siesta might not be as popular in Spain as it used to be, there’s still much to be said for actual sleep deprivation and the cheeky afternoon doze around the rest of the world. Napflix might just be the 21st century’s answer to counting sheep – and they’ve probably included a video of that too.