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Courtesy of Untitled BCN
Courtesy of Untitled BCN
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Insider Guide to Barcelona’s 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries

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Updated: 29 September 2016
Barcelona has one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan art scenes in Europe. In addition to its prestigious centers of contemporary art, such as MACBA, Museu Picasso or CCCB, numerous independent galleries have become exciting meeting points for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Here we explore ten of the best contemporary art galleries and venues in Barcelona, Spain’s cutting-edge cultural destination.
Barcelona’s Sagrada Família | © Tassilirosmar/WikiCommons
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Artevistas Gallery

Launched in 2007, Artevistas Gallery focuses on the promotion of young contemporary art talent as a springboard to their promising careers. The gallery works with more than 50 artists, such as Markus Aub, Conrad Roset, or Matt Sesow, and holds a collection of over 800 artworks, displaying paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures with an eclectic set of styles and techniques. Situated in an architecturally stunning setting in Barrio Gótico, close to Las Ramblas, the gallery is housed in the same building where painter Joan Miró was born. Artevistas Gallery presents, in two different spaces, its permanent collection and a temporary solo exhibition every six weeks.

Artevistas Gallery, Passatge del Crèdit 4, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 513 0465

Artevistas Gallery
Courtesy of Artevistas Gallery
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PLOM Gallery

PLOM Gallery was the first Spanish contemporary art gallery created for children. Believing in the power of art as a formative tool to stimulate children’s creativity, imagination and self-esteem, Martha Zimmermann created this innovative project in 2013 with the aim of teaching kids to appreciate the beauty surrounding them. A unique feature of the project is that it includes, in addition to the certificate of authenticity, credit to the child artists behind every single work, thus forging an emotional link between the child and the art. The gallery offers a selection of original works and a limited series of painting and illustration, from artists such as Miju Lee, Sergio Mora, Brosmind, Amaia Arrazola,Vanessa Linares and Marta R. Gustems. PLOM also hosts exhibitions, workshops and activities designed to promote the creativity of children, and the adults who accompany them.

PLOM Gallery, Carrer de Sèneca 31, Barcelona, Spain +34 93 237 7865

PLOM Gallery
Courtesy of PLOM Gallery
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Untitled BCN

Untitled BCN is an arts organization in the neighborhood of Gràcia that hosts festivals and events, courses, collaborations and residencies. Conceived as an open-door gallery for a wider audience, it serves as a platform for early-career multidisciplinary artists from all over the world who are brought together during collective exhibitions. Untitled BCN creates opportunities for emerging young talents, building an atmosphere of synergy among local and international artists from all disciplines. Since 2008, the organization has offered a wide range of activities, from live concerts and short film screenings, to exhibitions every two weeks, installations and performances.

Untitled BCN, Carrer Topazi 14, Barcelona, Spain +34 67 858 9744, +34 62 226 3498

Courtesy of Untitled BCN
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Miscelänea is a multidisciplinary arts space of 250 square meters. Located in El Raval, this cultural venue is a platform for emerging creators, where art, design and audiovisual creation converge in a mixture of visions aimed at bringing contemporary art closer to the public. Its distinctive agenda is always open to innovative and independent ideas and activities, with 10 to 15 exhibitions per year by international and Spanish artists. Established in 2004, the gallery holds a regular program where the projects exhibited are chosen both through an annual open show and based on the expert advice by the association’s curator. Miscelänea also hosts experimental electronic sessions, small-format concerts, audiovisual and stage shows, as well as festivals and workshops.

Miscelänea, Carrer de Guàrdia 10, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 317 9398

Miscelänea gallery Barcelona
Courtesy of Miscelänea Gallery
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MUTT Bookshop & Art Gallery

Located in the trendy El Born, MUTT Bookshop & Art Gallery owes its name to the pseudonym used by the French artist Marcel Duchamp (R. Mutt). This quirky little venue opened its doors in 2010 and has since become a popular artsy spot in Barcelona, due to its dynamic combination of bookshop, gallery and occasional event space. MUTT is a temple for contemporary art, graphic design, street art, fashion, architecture, photography and illustration-related books, independent magazines and fanzines, and well known for its exquisite selection. This modern and white space also hosts an art gallery with an inspiring atmosphere where artists and art lovers meet, serving as an interesting hub for urban creativity. The walls of the gallery are in constant change with artworks from Spanish and international emerging artists.

MUTT Bookshop & Art Gallery, Carrer del Comerç 15, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 192 4438


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Espai [b]

This contemporary art gallery is located in the Gràcia district and was founded in 2003 with the aim of promoting both new and established artists. Espai [b] exhibitions contemplate a wide array of disciplines such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and installation. The artworks of Andrea Michaelsson (Btoy), Antonio Carretero and Iria do Castelo are part of the collection shown in this gallery. In fact, Espai [b] has two distinct areas: the first is for temporary exhibitions and the second, fully open to the public, displays some pieces by the gallery’s represented artists. The gallery has participated in various international contemporary art fairs, such as SWAB.

Espai [b], Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla 158, Barcelona, Spain,+34 93 217 1090

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Espai [b]
Dani Buch, La verge de la llet,116 x 89 cm, Espai [b] | Images Courtesy of Espai [b]
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Joan Gaspar

Joan Gaspar is an emblematic part of Barcelona’s art history. Originating from Sala Gaspar, an iconic gallery founded in 1909 where Picasso, Miró, Chillida, Braque and other relevant figures of the 20th century showed their work, Joan Gaspar Gallery has been continuing this tradition since 1992. Every year the gallery presents five exhibitions, participates in art fairs (Art Madrid and India Art Fair, among others) and collaborates with museums and cultural institutions in the organization of public exhibitions. Joan Gaspar also presents the work of young artists whose reputation has become consolidated over the years, such as Etienne Krähenbühl, Jean-Baptiste Huynh or Concha Sampol.

Galería Joan Gaspar, Plaza Dr. Letamendi 1, Barcelona, Spain,
+34 93 323 0748, +34 93 323 0848

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Frank Lloyd and Harry Fisher founded the Marlborough Gallery in London in 1946. In the following decades, the pioneering gallery represented artists such as Henry Moore, Francis Bacon or Lucian Freud and started its expansion all over the world, opening venues in New York, Tokyo and Madrid, as the beginning of a wider international presence. Marlborough Barcelona was founded in 2006 and presents a solid program of monographic, collective and permanent exhibitions, as well as collaborative shows in other cultural institutions across Spain. Marlborough represents a roster of widely respected contemporary artists from Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

Marlborough Barcelona, Carrer d’Enric Granados 68, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 467 4454

Marlborough Barcelona
Courtesy of Marlborough Barcelona

+R Galería

+R Galería was established in 2012 from the fusion of two galleries that were widely respected on Barcelona’s cultural scene, MasArt and Raiña Lupa Ediciones. The gallery currently focuses on promoting Spanish and international contemporary art within a program of individual and collective exhibitions, thematic curated projects and cultural events. +R promotes emerging talents and the generation of new ideas in a permanent dialogue with consolidated artists. The gallery facilitates the integration of these artists into the local and international art scene, introducing them to new collectors and institutions. +R presents five exhibitions per year across its three different but coordinated spaces. The gallery participates in art fairs such as ARCO and explores other channels of artistic expression by interacting with other disciplines, such as literature or architecture.

+R, Carrer de Sant Eusebi 40-44, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 414 1597

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Galería Senda

Galería Senda, founded in 1991, supports and exhibits the work of emerging young talents, both Spanish and international. Senda participates in prestigious international art fairs and promotes contemporary art through exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video. In 1999, Senda moved to a second new location in the artistic and cultural heart of the city, renaming the former venue Espai 2NOU2. The two galleries, still working in close unison, provide the perfect platform for young emerging artists in Barcelona.

Galería Senda, Carrer de Trafalgar 32, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 487 6759