Inside Barcelona's Can Feixes Wine Factory

Located in the wine producing region of Penedès in Catalonia, the Can Feixes estate has learnt to overcome the radical weather conditions of the area to produce remarkable wines. Follow this family-run business from grape to bottle with our video tour of Can Feixes.

One of the most famous wine producing regions of Spain, the Penedès is best known for being the main origin of the Spanish sparkling wine known as Cava. Stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, the geographical conditions and climate contribute to the area’s unique terroir.

The Can Feixes winery is situated in the most northern corner of the Penedès region, between Cabrera and Mediona, at a remarkable altitude of some 400m (1,312 ft.). The vineyards are located on the inner slopes of the mountains which border the region and as a result they are exposed to a particular micro-climate which gives the wine its distinctive character.

One of the most astounding qualities of the area is the radical temperature difference between the daytime and night-time, meaning that the grapes are subjected to strongly contrasting temperatures which affect their growth and maturation. The land’s morphology also poses particular challenges for the care and harvest of the grapes which are spread across some 80 hectares (198 acres) of uneven land.

A family-run business, the Can Feixes winery produces white, red and Cava wine from a number of native varieties. The whites are made using grapes such as xarello – one of the main grapes used in Cava production – macabeu and malvasia, while the reds are made from known varieties such as merlot, pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon as well as more localised varieties such as ull de llebre and petit verdot.