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How to Make Tortilla With Barcelona Cooking

Picture of James Fenn
Photography Commissioner
Updated: 22 May 2017
We joined Barcelona Cooking on Las Rambla street to learn how to cook some of Spain’s most famous dishes with master chef, Cándido Cid. In this video we learn how to make tortilla – an egg-based dish very similar to an omelette, but thicker in depth. This version is made with thinly chopped potatoes and onions.

The cookery school teaches English-language classes at various times of day. You can learn how to make classic Spanish dishes, and gain an understanding of how to pair tapas and wine. It’s a great option while staying in Barcelona.

The Executive Head Chef, Cándido Cid, had this to say:

‘The idea of Barcelona Cooking was born from a love for gastronomy and a desire to share it with the world. Launching a recreational cooking school provided the platform to offer unique, fun and memorable cultural experiences to travellers visiting or living in our beautiful city of Barcelona. We are thoughtful of our carbon footprint and utilise local farms and suppliers for all our products.

‘In our classes, we use fresh, seasonal, locally-grown ingredients. Our team understands sustainable principles and practices – ‘farm to table’ is a way of life for us, and we take a lot of pride in the selection of our ingredients.

‘The Catalonia region is rich with farmlands, vineyards, olive groves, and the sea. We are perfectly located to benefit from all these amazing natural resources. La Boqueria market is not only a guided tour we offer, but it is also a globally recognised premier market – which we support by purchasing products from the suppliers there.’