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Girona is the gateway to the Costa Brava
Girona is the gateway to the Costa Brava | © Karol Kozlowski/Shutterstock
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How Girona is Celebrating the Cathedral's 600th Birthday

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Updated: 16 February 2017
There is one sight in the city of Girona that you really can’t miss – the famous Girona Cathedral, sitting atop 91 stone steps in the centre of the Old Town. During the whole of 2017, the city’s cathedral will be celebrating its 600th anniversary, and this is how.

The cathedral is one of the most remarkable buildings in the region, featuring the world’s widest Gothic nave at 22 metres, it is the second widest of any church besides St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

This year, the main Gothic nave of Girona Cathedral is celebrating its 600th anniversary and a whole host of events are set to take place throughout the year. From castellers (human tower builders) inside the cathedral, to family workshops and concerts, everyone will be helping to mark the occasion.

Girona Cathedral, Spain | ©yearofthedragon / Wikimedia Commons
Girona Cathedral, Spain | ©yearofthedragon / Wikimedia Commons

In March the College of Architects of Catalunya (COAC) will be hosting a number of activities, talks and workshops within the Cathedral, looking at how this magnificent building was created. Then in April, in conjunction with St. George’s Day (the Patron Saint of Catalonia), reenactments of the legend of St. George and the Dragon will take place at the cathedral.

One of the highlights of the Girona calendar is the Temps de Flors flower festival in May, and this year’s floral displays both inside the cathedral and outside on the steps, will be created to honour the building. In June, on the 3rd and 4th, a number of workshops will be held with medieval guilds in the city and then on the 18th, the Fal.lera Gironina will take place – a celebration of Girona’s giants. Most towns and areas within city’s in Catalonia have their own giants that represent the area and come out on special occasions to parade around the town.

Girona flower festival | ©MARIA ROSA FERRE / Wikimedia Commons
Girona flower festival | ©MARIA ROSA FERRE / Wikimedia Commons

Those visiting Girona in July will be treated to nightly classic concerts outside the Cathedral’s nave, as well as the Mapping Festival from the 22nd to the 24th, where spectacular light shows will be projected onto the magnificent Baroque façade of the building. The celebrations finally close in August with the conclusion of Maria Assumpta, patron of the cathedral, as well as a mass of thanksgiving.

Cathedral of Girona, Plaça de la Catedral, s/n, 17004 Girona

FIMG, Girona. Arxiu Imatges / Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board Image Archive
FIMG, Girona. Arxiu Imatges / Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board Image Archive