Explore The Terres De L’Ebre In Catalonia

© Manel Zaera
© Manel Zaera
Photo of Tara Jessop
9 February 2017

The southernmost region of Catalonia, the Terres de l’Ebre stretches out from the shores of the river Ebro and its impressive delta. Famous for the beauty of its largely undisturbed natural habitats, it is home to protected natural parks and is a prime destination for nature-lovers of all types. Find out how to plan your perfect trip to one of Catalonia’s most well-preserved outdoor environments.

About the Terres de l’Ebre

Although it is best known for its stunning wildlife, the Terres de l’Ebre has a rich history and a vibrant gastronomic culture. The delta has attracted the attention of a number of civilizations throughout the centuries, from as far back as the time of the Ancient Romans, and more recently the Moors who conquered the Iberian peninsula from the 8th century onwards. Unsurprisingly, all have left their mark on the region’s culture, gastronomy and architecture, and today there are a number of sites testifying of the region’s rich history.

In terms of the diversity of its flora and fauna, the delta is home to a large number of waterfowl and migratory birds, and is an important stopping point on the routes of many birds making their way across Spain. It is also used as agricultural land, most notably for the culture of rice which thrives on its irrigated planes.

The tower of Saint John in the Ebro Delta | © Manel Zaera

What to see and do

The Natural Parks

Undoubtedly the main appeal of the Terres de l’Ebre is the beauty of its natural landscape, with two national parks as well as a large stretch of coast along the Mediterranean. The Ebro Delta Natural Park, as its name indicates, is located around the delta and spread across some 320 square kilometers – it is one of the most important aquatic habitats along the eastern shore of Spain. On the other hand the Els Ports natural park is located inland and is home to a medium-sized mountain range which stretches between the provinces of Tarragona, Teruel and Castellón.

The Terres de l’Ebre is a veritable bird-watcher’s paradise given the great variety of species which come to its shores. If you’re something of an amateur and in need of a little help, there are guided tours organized regularly so that you know where to go and what to look out for.

A grey heron | © Manel Zaera

Kayaking on the river

Without a doubt one of the most fun ways to discover the shores of the Ebro is by renting a kayak for a few hours and getting up close and personal with the river’s inhabitants. Again, a number of local companies offer guided tours including the rental of all the equipment you need for the day.
Sample the local fare

A trip to the Terres de l’Ebre would not be complete without the chance to discover the local cuisine. The locally grown rice is used in a number of dishes, not least the famous paella.

Rice fields of the Ebro Delta | © adriagarcia

How to get there

The Terres de l’Ebre is the southernmost point of Catalonia, about two hours away from the Catalan capital Barcelona, and about an hour away from the city of Tarragona. One of the easiest ways to access the region from the north is via the A7 motorway which will you take you directly to the town of Amposta on the shores of the river.

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