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The Best Restaurants In Seville, Spain

The Best Restaurants In Seville, Spain

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Spain’s fourth largest city, Seville is an inspiring destination full of vibrant culture, enchanting architecture and sensational dining experiences. We reveal some of the best cultural restaurants to be found in this breathtaking setting.
© photo courtesy of Olé Spanish Restaurant


With acclaimed chef Julio Fernández Quintero working in the kitchen to create imaginative dishes inspired by traditional Andalusian cuisine, Abantal is a Michelin star restaurant in Seville that has gained a reputation for its flavorsome plates prepared with high-quality and fresh ingredients. Diners eat dishes such as veal sirloin over leek gratin with goat’s cheese and dill sauce as well as rare deer loin with roasted apples, sweet potatoes and chocolate stew topped with an almond chip. The restaurant’s praised wine cellar has a great selection of vintages to match the menu’s flavors. The interior design has been admired for its contemporary aesthetics and sophisticated use of materials such as granite and weathered steel.

AbantalCalle Alcalde José de la Bandera 7, Seville +34 954 540 000


Becerrita is a beautifully decorated restaurant which offers several distinct dining rooms with featured artworks that can be booked privately or with other visitors. The charming interiors were designed by Antonio María Lebrero, while the historic building was originally the creation of architect José Muñoz. The menu offers a range of tapas and select Spanish dishes, including roast lamb with thyme, and cod gratin with Idiazabal cheese and piquillos sauce.

Becerrita, Calle Recaredo, Puerta Carmona 9, Seville +34 954412057


Milonga’s Restaurante Argentino

Focusing on high-quality Argentine cuisine, Milonga’s Restaurante Argentino is a popular spot in Seville that is envied for its succulent grilled meats and South American flavors. The restaurant’s Carne menu is filled with alluring dishes such as special court high beef tenderloin, tasty beef ribs and braised chicken breast with lemon juice. The ‘Argentina Barbecue’ plate promises to calm any meat cravings, serving ribs, steak, sausage, black pudding, pie and cob in one sitting. The interior of the restaurant incorporates a beautiful spectrum of aesthetic surfaces, while the exciting range of Spanish and Argentinean wines act as a decoration as well as a tempting meal addition.

Milonga’s Restaurante Argentino, Campo De Los Martires 1, Seville +34 954 411 177


Pinchos de tortilla © Lobo/WikiCommons

Pinchos de tortilla © Lobo/WikiCommons

El Rinconcillo

Set in an atmospheric building with that dates back to 1670, El Rinconcillo is a classic Sevillian tavern restaurant that presents both an a la carte menu and irresistible tapas. The restaurant’s flavors center on traditional Andalusian-Mozarabic cooking, and the menu is filled with recipes that have been rescued from old cookbooks. Presentation and flavors unite together in the rousing list of stews, fish, seafood, meats, vegetables and sweet desserts. The restaurant’s aesthetic design creates an enchanting atmosphere with Arab-style brickwork, tiles and smooth surfaces, which interact with an exciting range of artworks and tapestries.

El RinconcilloCalle Gerona 40, Seville +34 954223183


La Azotea

Many have claimed the widely praised La Azotea serves the best tapas in the city. The restaurant’s modern style and focus on inventive and creative dishes has been raved about on a plethora of foodie websites. The seasonally changing menu masterfully unlocks the flavors of seafood, meats and vegetables. There are four La Azotea destinations to be found in the city and each exudes an exciting and bustling atmosphere, as well as a great selections of exquisite wines.

La Azotea,  Calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 31. | Calle Zaragoza, 5 | Calle Conde de Barajas, 5 | Calle Mateos Gago, 8 +34 955 11 67 48



Eslava is a renowned restaurant and tapas bar that has remained popular with locals throughout its 25-year history. Taking inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood of San Lorenzo in flavor and ambiance, the kitchen of the restaurant is proud to serve traditional Andalusian recipes with inventive twists. Fresh and seasonal ingredients lie at the heart of the restaurant’s philosophy. The kitchen even uses organic vegetables grown in their own garden. At the tapas bar guests can enjoy dishes such as black pudding with caramelized onions, scallops over seaweed puree and kataifi noodles as well as Andalusian stewed beef tripe with chickpeas. The wine menu lists vintages from different regions in Spain and features several bottles from the Seville and Andalusia areas, further emphasizing the restaurant’s local focus.

Eslava, Calle Eslava 3-5, Seville +34 954 906 568


Tablao el Arenal

With a history of more than 30 years in gastronomy and Flamenco performance, Tablao el Arenal is a great cultural hot spot to experience the best of Seville. The restaurant is proud of its Andalusian identity, exploring regional recipes through both an a la carte and a tapas menus. The heart of the venue, however, lies in the emotive Flamenco performances by outstanding musicians and dancers. Describing the range of performances as from the ‘mournful ‘cante jondo’ to the vivacious ‘Sevillas’’, these shows have been acclaimed for their quality and passion. When added to the culinary delights and enchanting atmosphere of the restaurant, it is evident that Tablao el Arenal is truly a restaurant to experience.

Tablao el ArenalCalle Rodo 7, Seville +34 954 216 492


Sol y Sombra

The atmosphere of Sol y Sombra emanates the long history of Spanish bullfighting through an enchanting interior covered in old bullfighting posters. The restaurant is set in a building that dates back to 1861 and its design features wooden beams, lantern-like lighting and traditional Spanish chairs. This adds to this historic ambience, creating an enthralling energy that has captivated its guests. Sol y Sombra was first opened in 1961 and today is run by the children of the original founder. The restaurant serves both set meals and tapas which are founded in homemade traditions, serving dishes such as prawns with garlic, black clams casserole and a range of cheese and meat plates.

Sol y Sombra, Castilla 151, Seville +34 954 333 935,

Paella | © Phillippe Gama/Flickr

Paella | © Phillippe Gama/Flickr


Mediterráneo is a charming restaurant that exudes a masterfully executed artistic and crafts aesthetic, carefully followed by fantastic meal presentation. A pale yet colorful palette of tones fills the store, and the menu is peppered with a range of tapas with both incredible aesthetics and flavors. The wide spectrum of meal choices include creamy seasonal risottos, fresh and flavorsome seafood plates and perfectly cooked meat sensations. The meals are made with a commitment to quality, local ingredients and culture. The restaurant also sells beautiful cakes and sweet treats that can be enjoyed in store or bought as gifts.

Mediterráneo, Calle Arguijo, Seville +34 954 21 70 18,