The Coolest Cocktail Bars In Barcelona

The Coolest Cocktail Bars In Barcelona
Gin and tonics may dominate the city’s cocktail scene, but don’t assume that cocktails in Barcelona are boring. Some of the bars on this list feature variations on gin and tonic, and some ignore the G&T convention entirely. Whatever your favorite liquor, you’ll find a quality drink at these bars.
Milano Cocktail-Bar I © Anna Jauhola

Milano Cocktail-Bar

Milano is a great pick for a perfectly balanced cocktail with classic and sophisticated surroundings. If you wish to be seated, arrive on time before the concert commences at 9pm since the place tends to get crowded. However, if this is the case do not worry; it’s a good excuse to sit by the bar and see the barmen crafting the cocktails while enjoying a full view of the venue.

Dry Martini

Dry Martini has been included in The World’s 50 Best Bars list for six years, and once you get your drink you’ll see why. Dry Martini’s cocktails are one part artwork, one part science experiment, and one part beverage. Dry Martini is worth going to while in Barcelona if you want to try a drink that won’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Dry Martini, Calle Aribau, 162-166, 08036 Barcelona, Spain +34 932 17 50 72

Bobby Gin

Gin is the liquor of choice for the Catalans, and few places make better Gin and Tonics than Bobby Gin. In fact, few places make Gin and Tonics bigger than Bobby Gin. Though Bobby Gin is popular, the staff do a good job of keeping the bar from getting too crowded, and the atmosphere has a very cool and casual vibe.

A Creative Commons Image: Gin Tonic Becca Swift/Flickr

Old Fashioned Gin Tonic and Cocktail Bar

Old Fashioned Bar prides itself on its drink selection and ambience, playing jazz and 1980s’ hits in a retro ’90s setting. Despite what you may assume, Old Fashioned doesn’t serve up whiskey drinks, but rather specializes in Barcelona’s drink of choice: the Gin and Tonic.

Old Fashioned Gin Tonic and Cocktail Bar, Carrer Santa Teresa, 1 08012 Barcelona, Spain +34 93 368 52 77

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge

With so many bars in Barcelona dedicated to the Gin and Tonic, the folks over at Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge decided to switch things up. Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge is one of the newer bars in Barcelona, so try to go before the crowds discover it.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Ferrer de Blanes 3, 08012 Barcelona, Spain +(34) 93 461 39 85


At Ultramarinos the speciality is service. Tell your bartender what you like in a cocktail, and he’ll make you something you’ll never forget. The bar also features a list of Gin and Tonics with plenty of exotic gins and unique flavors. Check Ultramarinos’ Facebook page to see if a DJ or band is playing the night you go.

Ultramarinos, Carrer Sant Pau 126, 08001 Barcelona, Spain +34 653 58 24 24

A Creative Commons Image: Cocktails at Boadas Nuria/Flickr

Boadas Cocktails

Boadas Cocktails claims to be the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona, and they’ve worked hard to make sure it feels that way. Boadas has been open since 1933 and the decor hasn’t changed much since. The drinks are inspired by Havana’s daiquiris, but the bar serves classics as well. You won’t find wild craft cocktails here, but you will get a sense of old Barcelona and a heavy handed pour.

Boadas Cocktails, Tallers 1 08001 Barcelona, Spain +34 93 318 95 92