A Hipster's Guide To Barcelona

Neourban hipster office | © Markus Spiske/Flickr
Neourban hipster office | © Markus Spiske/Flickr
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20 December 2016

Though the word has often been demonized, there’s really no harm in being a hipster. What’s wrong about nurturing originality and caring for unique experiences? Whether you’ve decided to embrace your hipster inner-self or you’ve set your heart on becoming one, we bring you 10 indispensable commandments to follow to be a true hipster in Barcelona.

Take analog photographs

Though many consider analog photography a useless relic from the past, its imperfections sometimes manage to convey a warm, nostalgic feel that digital images can’t quite render. If you too are fascinated by the faded out tones and granulated texture of these photos, Chandal will become your go-to photography boutique. On top of offering vintage photography equipment, this charming store also sells extremely original accessories such as earrings, bags and more.

Chandal, Carrer de l’Allada-Vermell, 13, Barcelona, Spain, +34

Chandal | Courtesy of Chandal

Chandal | Courtesy of Chandal

Indulge in original home décor

For those who are true unconventionalists at heart, Fantastik is the place to go. This bazar sells over-the-top home items from all over the world, from colorful Mexican plates to bizarre candle holders. It’s an ideal choice for those in love with vintage and kitsch home décor.

Fantastik, Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 62, Barcelona, Spain, +34

Fantastik | Courtesy of Fantastik

Fantastik | Courtesy of Fantastik

Get original souvenirs

Since opening its doors in 2012, the Moritz Restaurant and its store have been self-proclaimed representatives of the hipster community, going as far as hosting underground events in which they sometimes humorously require a ‘hipster dress code.’ It’s no surprise their souvenir shop sells carefully designed items that subtly represent the essence of the city.


Buy organic food

Veritas supermarkets are one of the most popular options among organic food lovers. They have several shops spread all over the city and offer a wide range of organic products for all preferences.

If you’re not on board with the whole organic movement but would still like to stray away from mainstream supermarkets, shopping at the beautiful Santa Caterina Market is another great option. Though their products are not ecological, they are fresh and much tastier than your usual supermarket food.

Santa Caterina Market, Av. de Francesc Cambó, 16, Barcelona, Spain,

Buy secondhand records

Whether you’re looking for an indie band no one’s heard about or an old jazz CD that hasn’t been edited for years, there’s a good chance Revolver has what you’re looking for. With an endless collection of new and secondhand CDs and vinyls, this shop is a must for underground music lovers. The store’s staff is extremely competent and will surely be able to help you with whatever you’re looking for, no matter how alternative it is.

Revolver, Carrer dels Tallers, 11, Barcelona, Spain, +34

Instagram-worthy tea and coffee breaks

Caelum is a cozy tea salon located right behind the cathedral and serves delicious tea and artisanal cakes made in convents by nuns and monks. If you’re more of a coffee-type person, Babelia is your place. By tastefully merging a secondhand library with an inviting coffeehouse, this library-café manages to combine the best of both worlds.

© Brian Bilek/Flickr

Experience the underground nightlife

Going for a walk on Calle Joaquin Costa is an easy way to find tons of hipster hot spots. While you’re in the area, don’t forget to grab a drink at the ultimate hipster mecca, Manchester, located in the vicinity of this busy street. These small and boisterous bars are great options for a Saturday night out, but if you’re looking for a calmer place to chat with your friends, try the bohemian terrace of Antic Teatre.

Bar | © l.blasco/Flickr

Gin and tonic will become your go-to cocktail

Gin and tonics have been the rage for a while now in Barcelona’s underground scene. Cucumber, pepper or raspberries are some of the many condiments that can be added to this drink, depending on which gin is used as base. Sésamo, a charming restaurant near Sant Antoni, has many gin and tonic recipes to choose from. If you’re looking for a place to hang out after dinner, you can never go wrong with Boadas, a tiny cocktail bar that has been serving carefully made drinks since 1933.

Gin Tonic | © Mangomix/WikiCommons

Reinvent your way of brunching

It’s often tempting to give in to a greasy meal when you haven’t eaten since the day before, but Flax & Kale will transform your Sunday morning binge fest into a hearty lunch. This spacious restaurant prides itself in its flexitarian cuisine, that is, its compilation of healthy recipes, whether they are vegan, raw vegan or gluten-free.

Flax & Kale, Barcelona, Spain, +34

Collect one-of-a-kind antique items

For all of those who treasure items with a history, you’ll be delighted to know Barcelona has many awesome antique shops. While some of them sell an amalgam of items you’ll have to browse through, others such as La Clinique, do the work for you by offering a fine selection of beautiful items.

La Clinique, , Spain

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