A Guide to Ronda's Best Art Galleries

Ronda, Spain
Ronda, Spain | © Jussi Savolainen / Flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
16 April 2018

Displaying the works of local artists who have been inspired by the town’s stunning location, Ronda’s art galleries are well worth a visit. They also double up as great souvenir shops and may even entice you to make a major purchase. Here are Ronda’s best art galleries.

Geoff Scott-Simpson

Geoff Scott-Simpson is a gemmologist-turned-photographer with a passion for the nature and wildlife of Southern Spain. His eye for beauty is on display in the elegant, light-filled Ronda showroom that bears his name, located a two-minute stroll from the Puente Nuevo. Here, examples of Scott-Simpson’s award-winning photography are mounted onto pristine white walls. They focus on the Andalusian countryside and famous Ronda attractions, such as the stately bullring and the mighty New Bridge. Scott-Simpson’s works are also on sale via his online store.

Ronnda's elegant bullring is the subject of some of Geoff Scott-Simpson¡

Grabados Somera

Grabados Somera is both a gallery and a souvenir shop, displaying locally made etchings and prints depicting scenes from Andalusian culture. The walls of the Calle Rosario outlet are plastered with these delightful works, many of which present scenes from Ronda’s history or depict its most beautiful buildings. A ten-minute stroll away, on Calle Molino, is the studio where the prints have been made since 1985, using centuries-old techniques. Both spaces make for a fascinating visit, and offer classy gifts and mementos to take back home.

Etchings and prints of Ronda's most beautiful buildings - including its Arabic baths - can be found at Grabados Somera; Ángel M. Felicísimo/WikiCommons

Mateo Benítez

If you want to support one of the town’s most promising young artists, head to the Mateo Benítez gallery and souvenir shop. Benítez was born in Ronda in 1987 and started this business in 2014 as a way to fund his artistic pursuits. Available from the store are prints and souvenirs bearing reproductions of his paintings, which display a bold and original talent. After flirting with the idea of a teaching career, Benítez decided to dedicate himself to art in late 2013. He spent six months on his first major work, Cornisa del Tajo de Ronda y Puente Nuevo, a moody and dramatic depiction of Ronda’s most famous attraction. A talent to watch.

Ronda's Puente Nuevo inspires local artists such as Mateo Benítez; Steven Gerner/flickr

Museo Peinado

This gallery takes its name from one of Ronda’s most famous artists, Joaquin Peinado (1898-1975). Upon completion of his studies in 1923, Peinado moved to Paris, where he became one of the most prominent members of the French capital’s Spanish School, along with his friend Pablo Picasso. The museum is housed in an exquisitely restored 19th-century palace and showcases more than 190 works throughout ten rooms, including important paintings such as Still Life With Pears and Figure With a Dove. Also displayed are sketches and drafts never seen before the gallery’s opening.