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Madrid locals are truly Spanish  | © Lori Zaino
Madrid locals are truly Spanish | © Lori Zaino
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7 Reasons That Madrileños Are True Spaniards

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Updated: 16 June 2017
While Madrid is a cosmopolitan capital city, it still retains its authentic vibe. It’s not nearly as touristy as many other Spanish cities, and the locals, even the younger ones, continue to embrace Spanish culture and traditions. In fact, one might argue that Madrid is one of the most Spanish cities in all of Spain. Here are seven reasons why madrileños are true Spaniards.

They Worship Football

Madrileños people love their fútbolin fact, they’re borderline obsessed. Whether they’re cheering for Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid, they’ll never miss a game. And when their team wins a big championship, the locals take to the streets and splash around in the fountains to celebrate.

Real Madrid | © Jan S0l0/Flickr
Real Madrid | © Jan S0l0/Flickr

They are Friendly

Madrid is one of the friendliest cities in Spain, and although the locals may not have the highest level of English, they’ll often do everything in their power to welcome visitors and help if needed. Generally, you can expect a very warm welcome in Madrid from the easygoing and kindhearted locals.

They Love to Eat

Food is a huge part of Spanish culture and madrileños love to indulge in a delicious meal. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Madrid local who’s a vegetarian or vegan, and they learn from a young age to appreciate and respect food.

Madrid locals love to eat
Madrid locals love to eat | Courtesy of Platea Market

They Love Their Families

Family is very important in Madrid. After all, locals often live at home for much longer than young people in other cultures, and even if they don’t, visiting their family or speaking with them several times a week is common. Madrileños see spending time with their families as fun, not as a chore, and appreciating family is one of their most important values.

They Appreciate Fine Wine

Madrid locals certainly know how to appreciate their wine. Spain has some of the best wines in the world and madrileños enjoy learning about it – and drinking it. In fact, they enjoy wine as well as many other kinds of alcohol such as vermouth, beer and spirits, but in true Spanish fashion, they never seem to abuse it.

Madrid is heaven for wine lovers
Madrid is heaven for wine lovers | © La Vinícola Mentridana

They Love to Be Out and About

Madrileños are known for being night owls. They love to be out and about, walking the streets, having a drink on an outdoor patio or chatting on a bench with friends. Day or night, Madrid’s streets and squares are always full. The only the time you’ll find the streets empty is from 2–4 pm on a hot summer day, because everyone is taking a siesta (and you should be too).

They are Loud and Proud

In Madrid, you’ll find families and friends shouting over one another, eating, drinking and generally being merry. It’s an extroverted culture and it’s one that welcomes you. So head to Madrid and enjoy a noisy dinner with the Madrid locals. It’s a lot more fun than a quiet dinner at home, that’s for sure.

Outdoor drinks in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid
Outdoor drinks in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid | © Madrid Destino Cultura Turismo y Negocio