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Inspiring TED Talks By Speakers From Spain
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Inspiring TED Talks By Speakers From Spain

Picture of Tara Jessop
Updated: 10 January 2017
Our selection of the most inspiring TEDTalks given by speakers in Spain include local TEDxBarcelona and TEDxBarcelonaED events. From empowering women in the workplace, to multi-sensory human communication, to finding purpose in the desert… these talks are sure to make an impact.

Computer scientist Pablo Rodríguez explains how personal data is paving the road towards new ways of knowing about ourselves and each other.

Shelley Prevost on why we all need to give up the idea that stereotypically male qualities are what make better leaders in business.

Architect Aryanour Djalali discusses a powerful question

“What if architecture could change the world.”

Stephen Briggs illustrates the beauty of the Earth as viewed from above, and explains how earth observation can help gather valuable information on disaster areas.

As part of the series ‘The future of technology and society’ Adrian David Cheok presents a theme and talks about how we can extend our five senses into the world using computers and augmented reality.

Martin Cadée speaks at TEDxBarcelonaED and shares his account of finding purpose in life and the power of “walking out”.