25 Reasons Why Barcelona's La Boquería Market Is Heaven on Earth

Take your pick at the market I © AmarADestiempo/Pixabay
Take your pick at the market I © AmarADestiempo/Pixabay
Photo of Tara Jessop
12 June 2017

Located just off La Rambla in the old town, La Boquería is Barcelona’s world-famous food market. Here are 25 images that prove that this is possibly one of the best foodie paradises on earth.

There’s an incredibly buzzing atmosphere which is tangible as soon as you step in to La Boquería market.

The Boquería | © G0DeX

You can find pretty much any kind of dried fruit and nut you could want, including papaya, confit ginger and the juiciest dates and figs.

Dried fruit | © Mario Castro

The fruit stalls sell pretty much every kind of exotic fruit you can think of, such as custard apples, dragon fruit, persimmon and plantain.

Fruit stall | © Gustavo Maximo

There are strawberries that actually taste like strawberries, not just versions grown in a greenhouse…

Strawberries | © Jimmy Baikovicius

…and tomatoes that taste like tomatoes.

Tomatoes | © Andrew E. Larsen

If you can’t wait until you get home to tuck in, then there are fresh fruit bowls to eat on the go, full of juicy strawberries, tangy pineapple and sweet oranges.

Fresh fruit packs | © Luisa

If you’re a fan of juices then you might want to grab one of the freshly made fruit juices and smoothies to keep you cool while you shop.

Fruit juices | © Bevis Chin

If you’ve got a sweet tooth there are plenty of fruit flavoured sweets – and some pretty crazy-flavored ones too – to choose from as well.

Sweet stall | © Andrew E. Larsen

Or you can opt for these sweet offerings, made using rich chocolate and a mixture of dried fruits and nuts.

Chocolate | © Valerie Hinojosa

There’s fresh fish arriving straight from the nearby coastline from Monday to Saturday – look out for a clear eye, shiny skin and undamaged fins.

Fresh fish | © Michele Ursino

There are more types of seafood on offer than you thought existed: sea snails, barnacles and urchins are just the beginning.

Seafood | © Bevis Chin

There are some pretty impressive-looking creatures on offer for adventurous eaters. This octopus is a fine specimen.

Octopus | © Michele Ursino

Did someone say charcuterie? Spain makes a great a variety of different salted, cured and preserved meat products which can all be found at the market.

Spanish meats | © Ajay Suresh

Of course when it comes to Spanish cured meats, jamón Iberico is king. At the market you can buy vacuum-packed slices to take away or even whole legs.

Spanish ham CC0 Pixabay

There are spices from every corner of the world ready to buy in small or large quantities.

Spices | © Eusebio Perdiguero

Be sure to pick up some Spanish saffron, a key ingredient in traditional dishes such as paella.

Saffron | © Bevis Chin

If you like hot spicy food, there’s a plethora of different fresh and dried chillies to choose from, including a few you’d have to be mad to try.

Chilis CC0 Pixabay

Mushroom season brings everything from truffles to morels and more to the vegetable stalls of La Boquería.

Mushrooms | © Ajay Suresh

Watch out for these mushrooms in particular which are called rovellons in Catalan and are a local delicacy.

Rovellons | © reivax

There’s more than just fresh ingredients on offer at La Boquería thanks to the market restaurants serving up authentic tapas.

Tapas | © Andreas Ivarsson

And there’s no question about it: you really need to try some fresh grilled prawns, crayfish or lobster while you’re there.

Grilled crayfish | © Kent Wang

The market restaurants are a great place to rub shoulders with the locals and ask for tips on what to buy and where.

Market restaurant | © Robert Young

For something on the go, try a freshly-baked empanada or stuffed pastry to keep your energy levels up.

Empanadas | © amanderson2

At the bakery stalls you’ll find crusty bread baked fresh every day.

Fresh bread | © Ajay Suresh

And did we mention that there were so many picture-perfect spots that you won’t know what to Instagram first?

By the Boquería | © Enric Fradera

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