20 Essential Basque Phrases You'll Need On Your Trip to Bilbao

Casco Viejo Bilbao, Spain | © Mikemod / Wikimedia Commons
Casco Viejo Bilbao, Spain | © Mikemod / Wikimedia Commons
If you’re heading off for a holiday in the Spanish city of Bilbao, it’s not your Spanish that you’ll need to brush up on, it is in fact Basque, or Euskara as it is locally known. Unlike any other European language, Basque does not have its roots in Latin or Germanic languages and can be quite tricky to learn. Take a look at these 20 essential phrases you’ll need on your trip.

Phrases for greeting

Kaixo – Hello

Urte askotarako – Pleased to meet you

Ongi etorri – Welcome

Egun on – Good morning

Arratsalde on – Good afternoon/evening

Gabon – Goodnight

Agur – Goodbye

business-man-offering-hand-shake © Johnny Magnusson/ Free Stock Photos

Where are your manners?

Mesedez – Please

Eskerrik asko – Thank you

Egan ona izan dezazula – Have a nice day

Zer moduz – How are you?

Barkatu – Excuse me

Good manners Photo credit: EKG Technician Salary / Flickr

Getting to know you

Nor zara? – What’s your name?

Nire izena … da – My name is …

hello my name is... ©EvelynGiggles / Flickr

The everyday in Bilbao

Zenbat balio du? – How much is this?

On egin! – Bon appétit (have a good meal)

Ez dut ulertzen – I don’t understand

Eskerriska! – Cheers!

Bai – Yes

Ez – No

Mercado_de_la_Ribera,_Casco_Viejo,_Bilbao © Naotake Murayama / Wikimedia Commons