11 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love With a Spaniard 

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10 January 2018

There is something exotic about the accent, the language and the passion of Spaniards that makes them excellent boyfriend or girlfriend material. Whether you’re after a holiday romance or a future husband or wife, we count down why you should date a Spaniard.

They’re beautiful

OK, so they might not all look like Penelope Cruz and Enrique Iglesias, but many Spaniards have thick, dark hair, deep, dark eyes and beautiful olive skin, a great combo in any book.

Penelope Cruz | © Nicholas Andrew/Flickr

The language

There is no better way to immerse yourself in a language, and no faster way to improve your skills, than dating a Spaniard. While it would be slightly unethical to date a Spaniard for language purposes alone, practising your Spanish on a daily basis is a definite perk. You’ll be fluent before you know it!

Dating a Spaniard is a great way to improve your Spanish skills | © 5688709/Pixabay


Spaniards are all about family, and love children. Expect to meet the family soon into the relationship and to be invested in big family meals, where seemingly every aunty, uncle and cousin is in attendance. Your significant Spaniard will probably be very close to their family and could even still live with them; many Spaniards still live at home with their parents until they are nearly 30.


If you want to make sure your spouse lives to a ripe old age, you could do a lot worse than choosing a Spaniard – they have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Spaniards live to the age of 83.1 years on average – 85.5 years old for women and 80.1 for men. So if you want to give yourself a good chance of making your golden wedding anniversary, make sure you marry a Spaniard.

Spaniards have one of the highest life expectancies in the world | © stevepb/Pixabay


Some say the world’s sexiest accent is French, others Italian or Irish, but for us, Spanish beats them all. There is something sultry and seductive about the Spanish accent, especially when it’s coming from your novio or novia (boyfriend or girlfriend).


Spaniards have a fiery Latin temperament, which means they say what they think and show their emotions much more easily than some frosty northern Europeans and Americans. If you’re looking for a relationship brimming with passion, then dating a Spaniard is the way to go.



Find yourself a Spaniard that can cook, and you’ve hit the jackpot. Prepare for paellas every weekend and a delicious Mediterranean diet. Spaniards are also quite the connoisseurs when it comes to drinks, whether it is wine from the Rioja region or Spain, sparkling Cava or the likes of sherry and vermouth, a favourite apéritif in Spain.

Find yourself a Spaniard who can cook | © em1587/Pixabay


Spaniards tend to have a close-knit group of friends that will welcome you with open arms. Dating a Spaniard will provide you with a ready-made friendship group all thanks to your new chico or chica.

Spaniards have close-knit friendship groups | © mandy11059/Pixabay


Whether it’s scoffing down 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve or watching an incredible Easter procession, experiencing Spanish culture is a great perk of dating a Spaniard. There is no better way to learn all about the country and its unique traditions than seeing it through the eyes of your favourite Spaniard.

Pet names

From the cutesy mi alma (my soul) and mi vida (my life) to the slightly less flattering gordi (little fatty, a common pet name among Spaniards, regardless of size), Spaniards love to use a good term of endearment with their significant other.

Hearts | © Ben_Kerckx/Pixabay

Punctuality goes out the window

You’ll never have to worry about rushing to be on time for your date, in fact, take your time. Chances are your Spanish lover will be more than a few minutes late. It might be a stereotype, but there is definite truth in the image of Spaniards always arriving late.

You don’t need to worry about being on time when dating a Spaniard | © JESHOOTS/Pixabay