11 Must-Have Apps for Visiting Spain

A traditional doorway in southern Spain | © Nick Kenrick/Flickr
A traditional doorway in southern Spain | © Nick Kenrick/Flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
13 February 2018

There is so much to see and do in Spain that you might need some help getting your head around it all. So below we’ve selected eleven handy travel apps for when visiting this beautiful country, which will assist you with everything from deciphering Spanish to picking a beach.

Google Maps

The best way of exploring Spain’s beautiful old cities, towns and villages is to get lost, but sometimes you’ll just want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, and for that Google Maps is your best bet. It offers real-time directions which are easy to follow, even when you’re navigating the narrowest and oldest of Spanish streets.

El Tiempo

Remember the parody of a weather forecast on The Fast Show, when Caroline Aherne’s character just repeats “scorchio” over and over again? If you’re visiting Spain during spring or summer, then it really is likely to be sunny all day every day; but just to be sure, check El Tiempo’s reliable 14-day forecast.

Keep track of Spain’s beautiful weather with the El Tiempo app | © Bogdan Migulski/flickr

Google Translate

When travelling around Spain, you’re bound to come across Spanish words and phrases that you don’t understand, so have the Google Translate App to hand. It’s great for short phrases and single words, although it can get a little confused when dealing with longer passages of text.

Word Reference

Another handy translation app to install before flying off to Spain is Word Reference. It’s superb for single words, especially modern slang and regional variations, both of which you’ll hear a lot of when travelling around Spain. Example sentences also make the meanings of words crystal-clear.

Translation apps are a must when visiting Spain | © stevepb/pixabay


For sightseeing suggestions and general information on over 100 Spanish cities, Triposo is hard to beat. It offers tips on which monuments to go and see, where to eat out and where to party, as well as maps that can be accessed without WiFi. All major Spanish cities are covered, including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.


The ubiquitous messaging app is particularly useful to have when travelling in Spain, as many businesses – especially tourist attractions and restaurants – use it as a means of communicating with clients. It’s also a great way of avoiding overseas SMS charges if messaging people back home, or sending them envy-inducing photos.

Most hotels and restaurants in Spain use WhatsApp | © HeikoAL/pixabay

Eurail Planner

One of the best ways to travel throughout Spain is by using the country’s excellent and relatively inexpensive train network. Eurail Planner is the app you need if you’re getting about in this way: it offers a wealth of information about train times and fares and, even better, can be used without an internet connection.

Best Beach

Beautiful beaches are so abundant in Spain, particularly along the south coast, that it can be difficult to choose amongst them. If you’re seeking a day of sun and sand, then, the Best Beach app is indispensable: with information about more than 3,400 of the country’s world-class playas, it’ll help you find just the one for you.

Use the Eurail Planner app if you’re travelling Spain by train | © Mikel Ortega/flickr

XE Currency

There is no shortage of currency apps out there, but XE is easy to use and available offline. It’s perfect for when you’re comparing prices in Spain with those back home (a comparison in which Spain is likely to come off better), and for making sure you’re getting a good rate when exchaning currencies from or to the euro.

TripIt: Travel Organiser

If you want to travel around Spain with an itinerary and intend to pack as much into your days as possible, check out TripIt. By simply entering all your practical details – flight times, attractions, restaurants booked, and car-hire pick ups – you receive a helpful timeline of your daily plans, ensuring that you don’t forget anything.

Keep track of exchange rates with the XE Currency app | © 1588877/pixabay


We couldn’t not mention TripAdvisor‘s app in this article. Whether you’re looking to book a restaurant for dinner, deciding which historical attractions to visit, or choosing a hotel, this super-helpful app provides you with customer reviews and the site’s own recommendations. It will make your trip to Spain go that bit more smoothly.

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