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Trendy Barcelona Fashion Bloggers to Follow

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Updated: 6 March 2017
Famous for its blend of stylish street-wear and sophisticated designer outfits, Barcelona is one of the fashion capitals of Europe. It’s no surprise then that the Catalan capital is home to some of the most successful fashion bloggers in Spain. We’ve compiled a guide to the best Barcelona-based blogs to follow if you’re in search for some fashion inspiration.

Monica Sors of Mes Voyages A Paris

Inspired by her first trip to Paris Fashion Week, Monica Sors founded her blog, ‘Mes Voyages À Paris‘ back in 2010. It took her no time at all to become famous for her casual, contemporary looks and eye for photography. She’s collaborated with the likes of Michael Kors and Gucci and was described as the ‘Queen of Spanish Social Media’ by Dolce & Gabbana.

Adriana Gastélum of Fake Leather

Born in Mexico and living in Barcelona, Adriana Gastélum launched her fashion blog in 2010 when she was still a student back in her home country. When she moved to the Catalan capital in 2014 she adapted her blog, Fake Leather, to her new home and made a name for herself here in Barcelona. She loves mixing designer pieces with high-street fashion to create affordable, stylish outfits that are easy to wear, any day of the week.

New #style post up on feat. the perfect boyfriend coat by @andotherstories ❄️

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Marta Escalante of Hola Cuore

A fan of fashion, beauty and well-being, Marta Escalante is a travel-savvy fashion blogger who knows how to keep herself busy. Whether it’s organising meet-ups in her native Barcelona or sharing her tips and tricks for a new beauty product, her blog ‘Hola Cuore‘ is regularly updated with new inspiration. Fun and bursting with life, her blog is one of the favourites for 2017.

Aida Domenech of Dulceida

Without a doubt one of Spain’s most famous fashion bloggers of all times, Aida Domenech aka Dulceida was voted ‘Best Style Fashion Blog’ in Berlin back in 2016. She also launched her best-selling book and was invited to be a television host on Spanish television. With over 1.5M followers on her Instagram account, she is one of the most influential fashionistas in the country.

Are you looking at me? 💃🏻 #Xian

A post shared by Aida Domenech (@dulceida) on

Tatel Vélasquez of Trendycrew

Born and raised in Columbia, Tatel Vélasquez launched her blog Trendycrew from her adopted home, Barcelona, back in 2008. Combining her love of fashion and photography she loves easy-to-wear street-style outfits inspired by what she sees around her in the city. Her blog also features original fashion illustrations by local artists, showcasing some of her favourite looks of the season.

Anna Ponsa Lopez of Miss Nobody

Fashion blogger, architect, photographer and designer – Anna Ponsa Lopez likes to keep herself busy. Her blog, Miss Nobody, is a visual journey through her world, where she shares her eye for cool designs and her love of all things fashion captured on her analogue camera. She’s currently studying architecture here in Barcelona but finds the time to travel the world for photoshoots and collaborations with the likes of H&M, Dior or YSL. In 2015 she even launched her own jewellery line in collaboration with Pena Jewels and presented it in Paris last year at Who’s Next fair.

Eli García & Eli Simó of Lost In Vogue

These two best friends decided to use their mutual love of fashion to create their own blog where they could share all their favourite looks. Each week they update their blog ‘Lost in Vogue‘ with a ‘Look of the week’, inspired by the latest trends and the street-style of Barcelona. The blog is also a great repertoire of boutiques and events across the Catalan capital for those who like to be in the know.

Marta Reche of MartaBarcelonaStyle

Marta Reche started her blog back when she was a law student and soon after graduating decided to leave her job to pursue her love of fashion. She posts one look every Monday as well as her weekly ‘4 ways of wearing’ posts, where she shows four different ways of wearing one same item. On Thursdays, she posts newsletters where she answers and gives advice to her followers. Stylish, elegant and just a touch classic, her blog offers resourceful and practical advice for crafting great outfits.

No encuentro este clutch de pelo del año pasado 😭

A post shared by Marta Reche (@martabarcelonastyle) on

Zina Charkoplia of Fashion Vibe

Internet sensation Zina Charkoplia loves playing around with bold patterns, bright colours and some of the more unusual trends of the season. Based in Barcelona but constantly travelling across Europe and the USA, her style changes depending on her surroundings. A fan of high-street staples combined with designer statement pieces, she crafts original outfits for every type of occasion which she shares on her blog Fashion Vibes.

Mireia Oller of My Daily Style

One of the first Spanish fashion blogs to win recognition on the international stage, My Daily Style is run by Barcelona-based fashionista Mireia Oller. Her ‘Inspiration’ feed is a never ending source of sartorial genius for every occasion, while her own looks are easy-to-wear every-day fashion. Her seemingly effortless style is best known for great layering techniques and fondness for blending textures and patterns.