Up and Coming Slovenian Bands You Need to Know

Tapes | © pixabay/pexels
Tapes | © pixabay/pexels
The Slovenian music scene is bursting with creativity. The original sounds of the talented musicians range from indie rock to experimental music played on self-made instruments. Recognition of the bands outside Slovenian borders is just another indicator that these musicians are not to be missed. Culture Trip has selected six up and coming Slovenian bands you really should add to your playlist.


Jardier is one of the most highly praised new bands in Slovenia. The band’s quick rise from playing small crowds to big venues was not surprising. Soothing vocals, rock melodies influenced by folk, blues, and pop, combined with talented musicians is an excellent recipe for success. It was the single Pieces, that first caught the attention of listeners and music critics. With the release of their highly anticipated self titled debut album in 2015, Jardier proved they deserve to be considered one of the top bands on the Slovenian music scene.

Jardier © Anže Vrabl / Courtesy of Jardier

Koala Voice

Koala Voice first formed as a band in 2010. By the time their debut album, Kangaroo’s a Neighbor, was released in 2015, Koala Voice was already a favorite of listeners and Slovenian music critics. The band’s catchy tunes, described as indie with influences of 70’s pop-rock sounds, also convinced the international audience of their prowess, and today Koala Voice is no stranger to touring in Europe. After the great success of their debut album, the band is set to release their second album Wolkenfabrik, which was produced by Danton Supple who is known for his work with Morrissey, Patti Smith, Ian Brown, and Soulsavers.

Koala Voice ©Jani Ugrin / Courtesy of Koala Voice


Širom describe themselves as an acoustic folk drone avant-garde experimental band. This may seem confusing, however, listening to their music proves this description more than suitable. The multi-instrumentalist trio formed the band in 2015 and a year later Širom released their debut album I. With an original mixture of folk sounds and contemporary acoustic rock style meditations, it did not take long for the band to gain recognition outside Slovenia. In 2017, Širom released their second album I Can Be a Clay Snapper, which has yet again confirmed the great potential of this band.

Širom © Nada Žgank / Courtesy of Širom

persons from porlock

The band, persons from porlock, have been creating an alternative sound influenced by the psychedelic rock of the 70s, and garage rock of the 90’s since 2013. Recently they replaced their bass player and ended up with what seems to be a perfect combination of creative minds. The band’s debut album Things People Don’t Like, released in 2016, was well received by listeners and critics and has increased band’s already large fan base. After touring around Slovenia, persons of porlock started reaching out to other European countries and are now making a name for themselves in front of international audiences.

persons from porlock Courtesy of persons from porlock


Matter hit the Slovenian music scene in 2015. The young trio found their winning sound in a combination of original electronic beats and atypical lyrics that, more often than not, make no sense. The band explains that it is the feelings and the atmosphere the music creates, that matters the most to them. Matter’s debut album Amphibios, released in 2015, sold out and so did most of their concerts. In September 2017, the band released their second album Mrk, and yet again dazzled their fans and Slovenian music critics.

Matter © Peter Perunovič / Courtesy of Matter

Leni Kravac

What started as a solo DJ act in 2011, has now been successfully transformed into the seven-piece band, Leni Kravac. The band’s sound combines elements of drum ’n’ bass, funk, jazz, hip-hop, and Balkan melodies. At the release of their debut album Balconized, in 2015, Leni Kravac headed out on a street tour, where they played “surprise” gigs on the streets of Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Zagreb. Today the band’s signature sound and great stage performance continues to impress fans and music critics from Slovenia and the rest of Europe.