Exploring the Paths of Melania Trump’s Slovenia

Slovenia’s Nature│© Lorenzo Magnis/Flickr
Slovenia’s Nature│© Lorenzo Magnis/Flickr
Photo of Andreja Posedel
24 October 2017

In the last couple of years, Slovenia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. The incredible natural beauty, rich history, and culture have a charming effect on the visitors who come to the country. Since becoming the first lady of USA, the world’s interest in Melania Trump’s hometown and country of origin has increased. After the US Presidential Inauguration, Slovenian tourist workers have prepared several tours that take visitors on the paths of Melania Trump’s life.

Sevnica – Where Melania learned Pythagorus’ Theorem

In Sevnica, Melania’s hometown, visitors can attend an eight-hour guided tour “Sevnica, Blue First Lady” (or one of the two shorter available versions of this tour). A local local tourist office representative explained that the longer version of the tour takes visitors to locations that played a significant role in Melania Trump’s childhood. One of the starting points is the apartment complex where Melania Knavs (Knavs is Mrs. Trumps maiden name) lived. A tourist guide shows visitors the elementary school she attended, the now closed down factory where Melania’s mother worked, as well as a house where the Knavs family lived later in Melania’s childhood.

On the tour, visitors will also explore the local train station, the health center, and the historical Sevnica Castle. The castle’s gift shop offers an exclusive collection of souvenirs dedicated to Melania, entitled The First Lady. The tourist office reports that the most popular items in this collection are Modra Frankinja wine, the traditional Sevnica salami, and the First Lady chocolates. Later on the tour, lunch is served on one of the nearby Tourist Farms where visitors can enjoy traditional Slovenian food. When returning to Sevnica, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth by trying Melania Cake, or First Lady Pie which are offered in the town’s bakeries. A tourist office representative explained, that most visitors partaking in the tour come from Slovenia, The United States, and France, and apart from Melania’s landmarks, are most impressed with Sevnica Castle and the local food.

Sevnica Castle│ | ©Marijan Latin/WikiCommons

Ljubljana – Where Melania was discovered as a model

Melania continued her education in Ljubljana. In response to the rising interest in Melania Trump, Slovenia’s capital now offers a tour dedicated to The First Lady. As the Ljubljana tourist office explains, with prior arrangement, visitors can take the two-hour tour, Following in the Footsteps of the First Lady of the USA. This guided tour visits Glinškova ploščad, an apartment building complex, where Melania lived with her sister during her school years in Ljubljana. Visitors will stop at The School of Design and Photography, Melania’s secondary school, and at the Faculty of Architecture, where Melania studied for a year before moving to Milan.

Another important landmark for Melania’s life is Ljubljana Festival Hall where she was discovered by the photographer Stane Perko. Like most students in Ljubljana, Melania liked to enjoy time with friends in the local cafés. For this reason, the tour stops at the Triple Bridge in Ljubljana’s city center, where Melania spent her free time in a bar called Pri Konjskem Repu. This bar in now called Kavarna Tromostovje and due to its great location, it is still a popular place for locals and visitors. On the tour, visitors will also see Ljubljana’s most important landmarks and will have a chance to taste Potica, Slovenia’s famous traditional festive cake.

University of Ljubljana│ | © Lukas Plewnia/Flickr

Bled – Where Melania’s parents met Donald Trump

Bled, one of the most recognizable Slovenian towns has no shortage of attractions and natural beauties. The picturesque lake and its island is one of Slovenia’s trademarks. One of the best hotels in town is Grand Toplice Bled. To this day, the hotel is known as one of the most elegant places to stay in Bled. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Melania introduced Donald to her parents at the hotel. Visitors to Bled can spoil themselves by staying in this beautiful location, where they might be fortunate enough to spend the night in the same room that the first lady once did.

Grand Toplice Bled │ | © domjisch/Flickr

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