Tanja Zorn Fashion Show at MBFW|© Jure Makovec, Žiga Intihar, Haze Management/ Courtesy of MBFW
Tanja Zorn Fashion Show at MBFW|© Jure Makovec, Žiga Intihar, Haze Management/ Courtesy of MBFW
Slovenia / Fashion / 17 Oct 2017
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7 Fashion Lessons From Slovenia's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

At the beginning of October, Ljubljana hosted Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW), where new and established designers presented their collections and proved that the region has immense potential in the fashion world. Here are seven fashion lessons from Slovenia’s fashion week.

Fashion is a Performance

The three-day event featured 16 fashion shows and two fashion roundtables. One of the most anticipated events of the MBFW was a fashion performance by the established designer duo JSP. This collaboration between sisters Jelena and Svetlana Proković awed the audience with their designs, which never fail to capture the essence of women.

JSP | © Jani Ugrin in Ziga Intihar Haze Management / Courtesy of MBFW

It’s Important to Support Young Talent

This was the third time that up-and-coming fashion designers had a chance to compete for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award (MBFA). The winner, Tjaša Zalar, received a cash award and will be able to present her creations in her own fashion show at one of the future editions of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. She will also have an opportunity to collaborate with international fashion brand, Lee Cooper.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award | © Jani Ugrin, Žiga Intihar/ Courtesy of MBFW

Peter Movrin is Among the Best Slovenian Designers

Peter Movrin is an established name in the world of fashion. He recently joined the Alexander McQueen team and has been praised by magazine editors around the world. Movrin, who previously created designs for Bjork and Lady GaGa, has again successfully combined rawness and roughness with romance and gentleness in his newest collection, perfect for strong women who like to be noticed.

Peter Movrin
Peter Movrin | © Jure Makovec Photography, Ziga Intihar, Haze Management / Courtesy of MBFW

Sportswear is Best when Fashionable

Talented designer Sari Valenci, winner of an MBFA in 2015, collaborated with Slovenian sports brand And by Andraž and has proven once again that sportswear should be more than just durable. Although the designer is mostly known for her fashion creations for men, she has created a modern collection for men and women, which has transformed sportswear into trendy everyday wear.

Sari Valenci for Andraž
Sari Valenci for Andraž | © Jure Makovec, Žiga Intihar, Haze Management / Courtesy of MBFW

Black is Always in Style

A gorgeous all-black collection by creator Marko Mitanovski is proof that black never goes out of fashion. In his recognizable style, Mitanovski presented a collection of sculptured dresses full of details that have a theatrical feel. It comes as no surprise that the creations of this talented designer have previously been worn by Lady GaGa and other fashion icons.

Marko Mitanovski
Marko Mitanovski | © Jure Makovec, Žiga Intihar, Haze Management / Courtesy of MBFW

Modern Complements Traditional

Fashion designers Boštjan Mljač and Mija Curk collaborate under the brand SOFIA NOGARD. The new collection follows their central concept, ‘timeless archaic’ and combines new materials, designs and cuts with local tradition. The new SOFIA NOGARD collection is mostly grey and black tones and presents as contemporary and extremely wearable.

SOFIA NOGARD | © Jure Makovec Photography, Žiga Intihar, Haze Management / Courtesy of MBFW

Gentlemen Dress Well

Slovenian brand Sens has been dressing fashionable men for more than 20 years. Their clients know they can always trust the classic designs that have been upgraded with modern touches. At their fashion show, Sens presented a collection suitable for men who wish to follow the traditional black-and-gray color schemes. However, they did incorporate orange tones for those who prefer to make a bolder statement.

Sens | © Jure Makovec Photography, Žiga Intihar, Haze Management / Courtesy of MBFW