These Slovak Designed Eco-Cabins Are Perfect for Nomadic Couples

A new way to camp out on the beach ©
A new way to camp out on the beach ©
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Freelance Travel Writer13 February 2018

Slovakia is one of the most spectacular places in Europe to escape to the great outdoors. So the advent of environmentally friendly housing units is a sensible move. Whether you’re looking for a movable second home, a sustainable way of life, to be a trendsetter, or to impress your Valentine, ordering one of the first 50 limited edition Ecocapsule’s could help you do all of the above.

What is the Ecocapsule?

The company website describes the Ecocapsule as “an opportunity for an eco-life”. It does not need to be plugged into the traditional power and water supply as it’s self-sustaining and can generate both resources from the surrounding environment. These nifty units collect rainwater on the surface and funnel it into a tank, which is then filtered for your use. The funky shape of the Ecocapsule is designed in such a way to minimize heat loss, and the entire unit is powered solely by solar and wind energy. You can finally say goodbye to your dreaded electric bill.

The Ecocapsule gives you the ability to escape into nature as never before. It’s a completely novel experience which has not been offered on the market until now. Matej Gyarfar of Ecocapsule said: “It is the combination of several aspects that makes the Ecocapsule unique. One, it’s self-sustainable; two, it harvests rainwater and filters water from any natural source; three, it’s mobile, and four; it’s a smart home.”

Where to take your Ecocapsule

Since the Ecocapsule is movable, you can take it almost anywhere in the world (except for private property, of course). Also, it is not yet ready for use in extreme temperatures, like the Sahara Desert or Antartica.

“The safe temperature range for Ecocapsule is from -15C to 40C, or 4F to 104F. We are trying to find ways to make it even more resilient to extreme temperatures in the future,” explains Gyarfar.

The design team has developed a customized trailer which makes it possible for one person to load the Ecocapsule in less than 30 minutes. So essentially, the Ecocapsule can also serve as a luxurious, environmentally friendly RV. Or you can bring it along this summer for a high-tech glamping trip.

If you live inside the EU, you might consider traveling to Slovakia to pick up your Ecocapsule, and why not spend a week or two exploring the best national parks in Slovakia during your trip?

Your Ecocapsule can go wherever you want to go | ©

Escaping to the wilderness

Once you have your Ecocapsule on its trailer, you can haul it to the ideal location of your choosing. Looking for a romantic Valentine’s weekend escape into the wilderness? Hook up the Ecocapsule and drive to wherever your heart desires, without limitations of finding a campground with water and electricity. Imagine snuggling close to your Valentine with this scenery outside your window!

Luxurious, sustainable “glamping” anywhere you’d like to go | ©

With the progressive self-sustaining technology of the Ecocapsule, you can spend months away from it all, enjoying nature, without sacrificing comfort. Nomadic couples will love the ability to escape everything without sleeping on the ground under a tarp for days or months at a time. Additionally, future generation Ecocapsule’s will also feature customization, so that you can choose the colors and other custom elements, making it even more unique.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

The Ecocapsule is quite tiny, with length of just 4.67m (15.32ft) and width of 2.20m (7.22ft). But with its small size comes the incredible convenience of easily moving it around. It’s also self-sustaining, without need for electric or water plug-ins. The kitchenette features running water, and you can even flush the toilet! The interior furniture includes a desk, cabinets, racks, and a folding bed with a mattress. All of the furniture is made from sleek lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish.

The Ecocapsule design is sleek and elegant; with a fold-away mattress which doubles as a couch during the day | ©

How to experience the Ecocapsule – now and in the future

Currently, the Ecocapsule team has released a first generation limited edition design (at 79,900 Euros) which can be shipped anywhere within the European Union, Japan, the US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. They intend to make their second generation available at a slightly lower price, able to ship to anywhere in the world.

As soon as next year, you may be able to rent an Ecocapsule, or stay in one of these egg-shaped icons of sustainable living at a boutique hotel. However, it is not yet possible to rent an Ecocapsule. “Several of our clients are planning to buy Ecocapsules either to add to their existing resorts, or build exclusive Ecocapsule resorts in places that are off-the-grid. Imagine Ecocapsules on abandoned islands, deep in the mountains – it’s like a dream,” reveals Gyarfar.

As soon as 2019, you may be able to rent an Ecocapsule or stay in one in a unique destination with incredible views | ©

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