The Most Instagrammable Spots in Bratislava

Taking a selfie with one of the statues in Bratislava's Central Square. © Lubos Houska/ Pixabay
Taking a selfie with one of the statues in Bratislava's Central Square. © Lubos Houska/ Pixabay
Bratislava’s picturesque Old Town is ideal for taking colorful and unique photos that will make your Insta feed stand out. You can easily find each of the following spots within the Old Town or a short distance away. Take a walking-and-photo-taking tour of Bratislava, and linger to appreciate the beauty of each of these extremely photogenic spots.

Buildings on Hlavné Námestie

Hlavné Námestie is at the very center of the city and is the perfect first stop. The yellow façade of the Art Noveau Hungarian Exchange Bank building and the adjoining Palugyay Palace, which dates back to 1882, were constructed with acute attention to detail. Stop at the old-fashioned Shokocafe Maximilian for a cup of coffee and chocolate delicacies while enjoying the view of the square.

Admire all of the details of the buildings on Bratislava’s Central Square. © Taylor Geiger

View of Petrzalka from Bratislava Castle

Although Bratislava Castle is picturesque on its own, the hill upon which it stands provides an incredible view of the famous UFO Tower and the Socialist housing blocks of Petrzalka. It’s an interesting contrast between the historic Old Town on one side of the river and the Communist-era concrete blocks on the Petrzalka side.

The view of the UFO Tower and Petrzalka from Bratislava Castle. © Taylor Geiger

Bratislava Castle Baroque Garden Courtyard

Photos of Bratislava Castle are best taken from other vantage points in the city to truly appreciate its grandiose appearance upon the hill. But while on the hill, get your camera ready for the Baroque Gardens behind the castle that are hidden in a small courtyard that is well worth exploring, especially in warmer months.

The Baroque Gardens of Bratislava Castle. © Sintasko / WikimediaCommons

The Art Noveau Blue Church

Bratislava’s fairy-tale St. Elisabeth Roman Catholic Church, known as the Blue Church, is just a 15-minute walk from the central square. The pretty baby-blue shade continues inside, where every detail was carefully designed by Edmund Lechner, a Hungarian secessionist architect. The church, which was completed in 1913, also represents Slovakia in miniature at the Mini-Europe amusement park in Brussels.

The whimsical Art Noveau Blue Church. © Taylor Geiger

The Detailed Façade of Salvator Apothecary

Originally constructed in 1904, this building functioned as a pharmacy until 1996 and is an excellent example of Neo-Renaissance architecture in Bratislava. For this reason, it has been listed as a culturally protected monument since 1963. The building serves as a good reminder to always look up to fully appreciate the unique buildings of Bratislava.

Look up to appreciate the ornately decorated facade of the Salvator Pharmacy building © Taylor Geiger

The Alleyways of the Old Town

Sometimes the best photos come about by simply getting lost and wandering the narrow alleyways of the Old Town. Catch a glimpse of Bratislava Castle on the hill, and rest assured there isn’t a single grey or drab building in the area.

The cobblestone alleyways of the Old Town with the Bratislava Castle visible in the background. © Taylor Geiger

View from Michael’s Tower

Michael’s Gate is the last remaining Medieval entrance to the city, and the adjoining tower now serves as the Bratislava Museum of Arms. Buy a ticket to the museum to learn more about the weapons historically used to defend the city, and then take in the incredible view over Old Town of Bratislava Castle from the top of the tower.

The view from St. Michal’s Gate toward the Bratislava Castle. © Taylor Geiger

Sunsets from the UFO Observation Deck

This venue comes with a Euro price tag, but it is well worth it for the stellar panoramic views. Visit as the sun sets over the city for incredible photos. Pop into one of the two UFO bars to enjoy a cocktail, or head to the restaurant for a three-course dinner while you soak up the incredible sites.

The view from the UFO Observation Deck at sunset. © Taylor Geiger