The Top 11 Things to Do in Vojvodina, Serbia

Muzlja, Vojvodina, Serbia.
Muzlja, Vojvodina, Serbia. | © Maja Tomic / Shutterstock
Photo of John William Bills
15 September 2018

Vojvodina is Serbia’s northernmost region, and arguably its most fascinating. With elegant towns and spiritual landscapes as well as delicious wine and tangible history, there is plenty to get excited about in Vojvodina.

Serbia’s prettiest towns can be found in Vojvodina, and that is reason enough to make a visit. Combine that with an energetic populace, intriguing history, marvelous architecture and no small amount of culture, and the place is truly special. Here are the top things to do in Vojvodina.

Explore Serbia’s prettiest town

Although it might seem a little over the top, Sremski Karlovci is definitely the prettiest town in Serbia. Located less than 20 minutes from Novi Sad, the former head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Habsburg Empire is an idyllic glimpse into absolute peace. Everything revolves around the main square, with some of the finest architecture in the country. Sremski Karlovci is a town of history, culture, and beauty.

Sremski Karlovci | © Srdjan Randjelovic / shutterstock

Revel in Serbia’s second city

Second only to Belgrade in terms of size, Novi Sad offers something slightly different to the bright lights of the Serbian capital. Elegant Viennese architecture paints the city centre in a graceful light. Novi Sad is a creative city that comes alive at night, although you can have just as much fun admiring it all from Petrovaradin Fortress, especially if the sun happens to be setting.

The sun sets over Novi Sad | © Slobodan Kunevski / Shutterstock

Monastery-hopping in Fruška Gora

Fruška Gora is the jewel in Vojvodina’s particularly glistening crown. A square peg in a round hole (or more accurately, a rolling mountain in a flat landscape), this verdant landscape is a natural marvel. But there’s more going on here than meets the eye: dotted around the lush greenery are 16 peaceful working monasteries. Krušedol and Grgeteg are two of the best, but a whole day can be enjoyed lazing around Fruška Gora from one monastery to the next.

Krušedol is one of the finest monasteries in Fruška Gora | @ Rburg87/WikiMedia Commons

Discover Roman history in Sremska Mitrovica

Serbia’s Roman past often gets overlooked because of its more modern history. Sremska Mitrovica was once the capital of the Roman Empire and a town so beloved it earned the nickname the glorious mother of cities. The present is not quite as glorious as the past, but lovers of Roman history will find themselves suitably enthralled in the town once called Sirmium.

Sirmium, Imperial Palace | © Keni / Shutterstock

Admire the Art Nouveau splendour of Subotica

Located on the Serbian border with Hungary, Vojvodina’s second biggest city is also one of its most alluring. It’s a multi-ethnic charmer that is home to some of the most incredible Art Nouveau architecture in the region. Subotica’s City Hall is the main event, a secessionist masterpiece that might just be Serbia’s most impressive building.

One of the marvels of Serbian architecture | © Nenad Nedomacki / Shutterstock

Gossip the day away in Vršac

The area around Vršac and Bela Crkva is famous for its kibic fenster windows, specially designed to protrude onto the street to allow for ample people-watching and people-judging. In short, these windows are specifically made for gossipping. They can be found all over Serbia, but are most prevalent in Vršac, Bela Crkva and surrounds.

A fairly typical gossip window in Serbia | © Goldfinger / WikiMedia Commons

Consider a truly unusual bridge

Zrenjanin is one of the most underrated cities in the entire region. An attractive town full of stories to tell, its most unusual attraction is also its most useless. Bridges are usually built to navigate over an obstruction, but Zrenjanin’s Dry Bridge does no such thing. It has only been obsolete since 1985, when the Begej River was redirected, but it has since become something of an ironic landmark in this city.

The Dry Bridge in Zrenjanin, although the Museum of Destruction is just as accurate | © John Bills

Marvel at an incredible painting

Sombor gives Sremski Karlovci a run for its money in the ‘Prettiest Town in Serbia’ competition, but the regal charmer’s greatest attraction is found inside its most impressive building. Franz Eisenhut’s The Battle of the Senta is the largest painting in the country, and not an inch is wasted. If the immense painting doesn’t impress you, maybe the magnificent gold plated frame will.

Storm a beleaguered fortress

A long-time contender for UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the 14th century fortress at Bač is one of the most impressive in the country. This is the oldest fortress in Vojvodina, and one that truly exudes history. Its days as an important beacon of regional power might be long gone, but its status as a window into the past (not to mention a stunning spot from which to watch the sun go down) lives on.

Air view of town and ruins of Bac fortress in Serbia | © Geza Farkas/Shutterstock

Stay at a Salaš

One of the most immersive ways to enjoy Vojvodina is to stay at a traditional salaš. These are essentially authentic farm houses still in use today, many of which offer rooms for rent and an absolute truckload of food and rakija as well. The tranquility of life in Vojvodina is apparent here, as the sun setting over the flat landscape gives a feeling of absolute serenity. Or that could also be the rakija talking…

Combine harvester sews wheat grain in the fields of Sombor city, Serbia | © Budimir Jevtic / Shutterstock

Wine, wine, wine

Rakija might dominate the drinking scene in Serbia and the craft beer revolution is catching up, but lovers of fine wine will be in their element in Vojvodina. Serbia has had incredible wine-making potential for some time but is only just starting to make the most of it, with Vojvodina at the forefront. The vineyards around Vršac are another glimpse into an immensely tasty past, one that is currently experiencing an even tastier renaissance.

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