The Best Neigbourhoods in Belgrade for Young Professionals

The sun sets over New Belgrade
The sun sets over New Belgrade | © Marko25 / Shutterstock

Serbia might have one of the oldest populations in the world, but there is plenty of youth and vigour plying its trade in the capital. Young professionals are swarming into Belgrade, and a number of neighbourhoods have put their hands up as ideal places for the ambitious to set up shop, literally and figuratively.

Kosančićev Venac

Belgrade’s flagship neighbourhood is an idyllic place at the worst of times, so you can only imagine how majestic Kosančićev Venac is as its best. Cobblestoned streets lined with trees abound, although much of the architecture on the capital’s oldest neighbourhood received a facelift following the violence of World War II. Cafes and bars are all over the place, offering entertainment to go along with the aesthetics.

If it's good enough for Princess Ljubica, it is good enough for young professionals | © Nikola Cvetkovic/ / WikiMedia Commons


Another neighbourhood within Belgrade’s old town, Dorćol is an invigorating mix of old and new that brings the best out of both. The cafes are among the best in the city, while the rent and office space prices remain surprisingly low considering its prime location. All the facilities required for young professionals can be found in Dorćol, and we’re assuming that 24-hour greasy grilled meat is among them.

Supernatural Bar in Dorćol | © Supernatural Bar / Facebook


We don’t wish to make any presumptions about the wealth of the generic young professional, but we feel safe assuming that most will be able to live somewhere a little more expansive than a tiny room way out in Bežanija. Dedinje is way off in the distance at the other end of the scale, the capital’s wealthiest neighbourhood and its most comfortable as a result. If you’re looking to live in some Serbian splendour, Dedinje awaits.

Tito's mausoleum is located in Dedinje | © Kenzavi / WikiMedia Commons


Vračar is Belgrade’s smallest neighbourhood, but it undoubtedly ranks high when it comes to facilities per square metre. A fine array of restaurants, cafes and bars can be found, along with low rent and plenty of attractions. Vračar’s proximity to the city centre (many consider it a part of that centre) adds to the pull.

The Church of Saint Sava photobombing the man himself | © Kirill_Makarov / Shutterstock


It might not be entirely accurate to refer to Zemun as a ‘neighbourhood’, but the enthusiastically independent district demands to be referred to as a unique whole. Once an Austrian garrison town, Zemun offers the energetic atmosphere of the city proper with a fraction of the people at a fraction of the price. The Danube riverside also just so happens to be the perfect place to clear the mind, making space for a renewed mindset and all the rest.

Živeli to the good stuff! | © Rakia Bar Zemun / Facebook

New Belgrade

Much like Zemun, New Belgrade is very much an entity in itself within Belgrade. The old town is where people fall in love with the capital, but its biggest neighbourhood is where the everyday people live their lives. It is Belgrade’s modern centre, full of fantastic restaurants and a metronomic way of life that perfectly caters to the lives of young professionals.

A perfect place for getting some work done | © Coffee Shop HQ / Facebook

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