The 8 Best Bars in New Belgrade, Serbia

A quiet day ahead of a long night on the river
A quiet day ahead of a long night on the river | © Splav Play / Facebook

Built in the Yugoslav period of development following World War II, New Belgrade is the most populous municipality of Belgrade and by far its largest. It is a world unto itself, and the Serbs love of a good night out hasn’t been lost in the move. These are the best bars, pubs and clubs in Novi Beograd.

Klub 20/44

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Yes, that is Michael Jackson hanging off Klub 20/44
Yes, that is Michael Jackson hanging off Klub 20/44 | © Klub 20/44 / Facebook

Belgrade’s collection of nightclubs on boats tend to get far more press coverage than they deserve. The splavs are generally nightmarish, exaggerated stereotypes of everything bad about the Balkans. 20/44 is the exception to this rule, and has a fine reputation as one of the best nightlife spots in the entire city. A former strip joint on a struggling Sava ship, 20/44 bucked the trend from the get-go and has prospered because of it. Alternative culture is well and truly alive here.


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From where cold beer does flow | © Pivopija NBGD/Facebook
From where cold beer does flow | © Pivopija NBGD / Facebook

Pivopija immediately sets its stall out by proclaiming that life is too short to drink bad beer’. This is a true enough phrase, and its pub in Novi Beograd definitely lives up to its initial claim. Another beer shop and taproom mix, Pivopija steps up to the plate with some of the best craft beers in the city and a great mix of international brewers to complement. Pivopija was at the forefront of the craft beer revolution in Serbia, and there’s more to come yet.

Central Pub

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Another busy night at the Central Pub
Another busy night at the Central Pub | © Central Pub Belgrade / Facebook

Belgrade’s increasing appreciation for good beer has found another home at Central Pub, a bar in the centre of New Belgrade (obviously). It isn’t all about beer, however, and the staff are more than confident at putting together a cocktail or two to keep lovers of colourful concoctions happy. There is also pub food to tide you over, creating an ideal nightlife environment.

Splav Play

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Come on in...
Come on in... | © Splav Play / Facebook

A hugely popular club with the beautiful people, Play is set out like a beach all the way down to the white sand and lounge beds. It is a decent place to pick up a coffee or an afternoon meal, but the real value is in heading here once the sun goes down and getting your dance on. You can continue that dance all the way until six in the morning, if you have the energy.

Zig Zag Cocktail Bar

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A fine place for cocktails in New Belgrade
A fine place for cocktails in New Belgrade | © Zig Zag Lounge Bar / Facebook

New Belgrade offers something for everyone on the nightlife front, and Zig Zag Cocktail Bar will please those visitors looking for something a little fruitier on the alcohol front. Electronic DJs keep the energy levels high and the atmosphere jumping, as the patrons slowly work their way through the extensive cocktail menu and dance the night away. It is every bit as good as that sounds.

Pivnica Žirafa 23

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The interior of Pivnica Žirafa 23
The interior of Pivnica Žirafa 23 | © Pivnica Žirafa 23 / Facebook

You don’t need to be fluent in Serbian to guess the English meaning of the word Žirafa, and beer lovers will certainly find themselves spending a long time in this New Belgrade pivnica. The interior is delightfully conducive to an afternoon’s drinking, with plenty of pub food available to help things along. Things tend to get quite busy in the evening at the weekend, so reserving a table ahead of time isn’t the worst idea.

Hot Mess

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A very hot mess indeed
A very hot mess indeed | © Hot Mess / Facebook

If you’re a fan of pubs full of character and down to earth types, Hot Mess is going to be closer to hell than heaven for you. If getting dressed up to the nines and still feeling a little too casual when faced with the most fashion-conscious people in the city is your thing, get yourself here once the sun goes down. A lounge bar for people who want to be seen, Hot Mess is a popular spot for local celebrities and the city’s most popular DJs.

Shake 'n' Shake

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Get down off that bar!
Get down off that bar! | © Shake and Shake / Facebook

The name might conjure up images of American diners and roller skates, but you are unlikely to see either on this Ušće lounge boat. The deck chairs on the terrace give a delightful view of Belgrade’s old centre, a vista that is invariably improved with a refreshing cocktail or glass of rakija. There is plenty of dancing of course, but the view might just trump whatever shapes are being thrown.