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The 10 Best Restaurants In Belgrade, Serbia
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Belgrade, Serbia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Karadjordjeva šnicla, ćevapi, and lamb pašticada are some of the traditional Serbian specialties you can taste in Belgrade. The Serbian capital is flooded with restaurants, so to help you navigate, we prepared a guide with the 10 best restaurants in Belgrade. Discover where you can try Skadarlija dinner, enjoy the best views in old town and on the river confluence, or dine in a unique concept store.
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Stara Koliba

Stara Koliba is a floating restaurant located in the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Situated on a raft, Stara Koliba is known for traditional Serbian food with a modern twist, prepared in an open kitchen. The restaurant is built out of wood and offers a great view of the rivers and Belgrade’s Old Town. The menu is nautical-based, specializing in both seafood and freshwater fish dishes. Try their salmon with shrimp and green olive sauce, and enjoy in the live music of a traditional tambura orchestra.

Čarda Stara Koliba, A. Ušće b.b. Belgrade, Serbia, +381 11 311 7 666

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Restaurant Đorđe serves international food, transforming old recipes into modern forms. The interior is simple, with wooden furniture and white walls dotted with pictures. One of the highlights is their roofed garden, where you can dine ‘outside’ all year long. Đorđe is home for Jovica Jovičić, one of the best-known chefs in the region. Try veal bajadera, cooked in marsala wine with mashed pumpkin and baked cheese, or lamb pašticada, with celery chips and gnocchi with prosciutto.

Restoran Đorđe, Moravska 10, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 344 14 22

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Depo 23

Depo 23 manages to create its classy atmosphere with a simple, minimalist design. The interior revolves around the colors white and black, while furniture is made of wood and metal. This simplicity is reflected in the menu as well. You can select between five dishes per course, focused primarily on meat and fish. Try Pig & Fig, which is pork fillet in sauce made of port wine and dried figs with gnocchi on the side.

Depo 23, Zahumska, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2401559

Skadarlija district
Skadarlija district I | © Espino Family/Flickr

Tri Šešira

Restaurant, Barbeque, Contemporary, $$$
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The garden of Tri Šešira, Belgrade
The garden of Tri Šešira, Belgrade | © Tri Šešira

Tri Šešira

Tri Šešira is a classy restaurant with a warm atmosphere, located on Skadarska street in the heart of Belgrade Old Town. Tri Šešira, meaning ‘three hats,’ is known for traditional Serbian food, where grilled dishes are at the front. Try their Skadarlija dinner, with grilled pork loin, fillet mignon, medallions wrapped in bacon, and ćevap. Don’t miss the cheese selection, where the real star is the goat cheese in oak’s bark.

Tri Šešira, Skadarska 29, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 72 47 501

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Sun - Sat:
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Outdoors, Loud, Family Friendly, Traditional
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Supermarket is a concept establishment, combining a restaurant, store, mini spa, and fashion boutique. Opened in 2008 with the idea of promoting and blending design with art, music, and gastronomy, Supermarket is one of Belgrade’s trendiest restaurants. The restaurant’s menu was designed by Dutch chef Sem Veldheer and serves international food. Try fried duck with couscous in poppyseed sauce. Check out the unusual design of the place and see the open kitchen, which spans almost the entire length of the building.

Supermarket, Višnjićeva 10, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2910942

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Villa Maska

Located in a villa built in 1926, Villa Maska restaurant is known for its Far East-themed interior and antique furniture. The colorful décor and brick walls create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy sitting in the summer or winter garden. Villa Maska’s menu combines traditional Serbian dishes and Italian specialties. Try ćuretina ascoli, turkey fillet with fried gnocchi, honey and cinnamon, or rolls with chicken, ham, kačkavalj cheese, paprika, and chard in walnut sauce.

Villa Maska, Rankeova 7, Beograd, Serbia, +381 62 221873

Ćevapi I | © regan76/Flickr
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Zaplet restaurant is situated in Vračar, one of the central districts of Belgrade. Zaplet has created a minimalistic interior in shades of black and white, lit by soft, atmospheric lighting. The menu offers traditional Serbian dishes with international twists, creating a fusion cuisine. Zaplet is famous for great presentation and large portions. Try their homemade pasta with rabbit ragout, delicious duck breast on rice with coconut milk and lime, or simply opt for the best ćevapi in town.

Zaplet, Kajmakčalanska 2, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2404 142

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Zlatni Bokal

Zlatni Bokal, or Golden Jug restaurant, is located in one of the oldest parts in Belgrade, Skadarlija. First started as a wine cellar, the place evolved into today’s restaurant while still preserving its old spirit. Wood-paneled walls with ornaments and tables covered with white tablecloths create a warm atmosphere where you can taste traditional Serbian food. Check out their grilled dishes or order one of the specialties. Try the stuffed bacon, svargla, liver sausage, meat spreads, pickles and onions, followed by the lamb liver in handkerchief with kajmak.

Zlatni Bokal, Skadarska 26, Beograd, Serbia, 011 723 48 34

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Opened in 1932, Kovač is a restaurant with a long history. This traditional Serbian kafana combines rustic design with modern décor to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In summer, you can also eat al fresco in the lovely garden under the shade of the trees. Try one of the house specialties, such as Karađordjeva šnicla, fried rolled pork stuffed with kajmak, or fillet with kačkavalj cheese, fried onions and dried plums in sauce made of white wine, mushrooms, bacon, and paprika.

Kovač, Bulevar Oslobođenja 221, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2462343

Поглед са Гардоша (view of Belgrade from Zemun)
Поглед са Гардоша (view of Belgrade from Zemun) l | © Boris1973/WikiCommons
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Until 2004, Šaran restaurant served exclusively freshwater fish. In the last decade, the restaurant expanded its menu, which now includes seafood as well. The dishes combine traditional recipes with modern cooking styles. Šaran is located in Zemun, next to the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Enjoy the great river views from the terrace. The restaurant’s interior is simple yet elegant, finished primarily in white. Try one of the fish specialties, and don’t miss their homemade cakes.

Restoran Šaran, Kej Oslobođenja 53, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2618235