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Novi Sad | ©Felix Montino/Flikr
Novi Sad | ©Felix Montino/Flikr

The 10 Best Bars In Novi Sad, Serbia

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Updated: 12 July 2017
Situated in northwestern Serbia, skimmed by the waters of the Danube, the town of Novi Sad has always been at the crossroads of different cultures. Today it’s one of Serbia’s most popular centers and attracts crowds of visitors due to its peculiar urban landscapes. Whether you’re up for a night out or wish to have a break during your exhausting tours, The Culture Trip has selected a list of bars and pubs in the town that are definitely worth visiting.



With its dark, elegant exterior, Lager&Wine is a favorite place for all Novi Sad beer lovers and tourists looking for a cozy environment. Besides a notable wine list, this traditional Serbian pub stands out for its huge selection of draft lagers and local brews, welcoming visitors with warm interiors, wooden shelves and candlelit tables. A friendly staff will surprise you with their experience and deep knowledge of both beers and wines, helping you choose with passion and commitment. Whether you’re up for a typical strong Serbian beer or some distinct tastes – look out for Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. Lager&Wine is a great venue to enjoy for a night out and some homemade pub food.

Address & telephone number: Lager and Wine, 17 Svetozara Miletića, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 21 66 23 000

Martha’s Pub

Laze Telečkog is Novi Sad’s most important bar street. Situated inside, Martha’s Pub, with its smokey and sociable environment, is the best place to fall in love with this traditional spirit. Praised as one of the most outstanding pubs in town, it’s noticeable due to the ‘God Save the Pumpkins’ sign above the entrance. Here you will discover the sweet side of rakija, the honey flavored medovača, or try other Serbian liqueurs, beers or wines.

Address & telephone number: Martha’s Pub, 3 Laze Telečkog, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 21 66 11 038

KC Utopia

A cool, relaxed bar with a vibrant atmosphere. KC Utopia is one of the most popular clubs in central Novi Sad.  Its entrance is characterized by a red and black sign above a metal door, standing out in the dark surroundings of narrow Svetozara Miletica street. On the ground floor, visitors can enjoy some Serbian food or Middle Eastern dishes, while a brick-walled tunnel-like upstairs will impress partygoers with its fluorescent light features. Have fancy white wine or fizzy, colorful cocktails in hand while you enjoy the relaxing vibes of some electro-house music.

Address & telephone number: KC Utopia, 43 Svetozara Miletića, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 64 29 35 695

Novi Sad | ©Felix Montino/Flikr

Novi Sad | ©Felix Montino/Flikr

The Camelot

The Camelot is a medieval-themed pub. In spite of some rather cliché features, like swords and shields hanging from the walls, The Camelot is by no means a tourist trap. Situated close to the Petrovaradin Fortress, its environment matches the spirit of old Novi Sad. Its dimly lit interior and ample outside space provide all the ingredients for an enjoyable evening after a downtown tour and, as well as nice burgers and pub food, this place is all about the beer. Most locals consider it the best brewpub around and praise its tidy, large venue. If you want to try some craft lagers, with their typical tasty and full-bodied tones, The Camelot is what you’re looking for.

Address & telephone number: The Camelot, 9 Skremska, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 21 52 80 95

Modena Caffe Restaurant

Combining mirrored walls, chic lamps and a vintage feeling of wooden furniture, Modena Caffe Restaurant epitomizes the elegance of Italian taste in central Novi Sad. The venue offers a breathtaking sight of the Name of Mary Church. The interior of Modena features a variety of balconies, balustrades and small tables. If you fancy a snack while basking in this charming baroque environment, you could try some of the kitchen’s Asian-Italian delicacies.

Address & telephone number: Modena Caffe Restaurant, 4 TRG Slobode, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 64 80 388 00

Kafemat Concept Bar

A vibrant lounge bar situated at the core of Novi Sad’s student area, Kafemat is a social space as well as a club where you can enjoy refined cocktails and good music vibes. An ideal place for coffees and soft drinks during the day, this place boasts a stylish garden. Excellent DJs bring guests powerful mixes while they dance.

Address & telephone number: Kafemat Concept Bar, 12 Gimnazjska, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 69 20 77 777

Berliner Pub

Standing close to the Cathedral, in a narrow alleyway parallel to Laze Telečkog street, the Berliner Pub is a mandatory stop for visitors. This small, cozy place owes its name to the fine selection of German beers, including some award-winning Schneider Weisse which certainly represents the house specialty. The colorful interior design adds a positive nuance to the feeling of this place and combines elements of Serbian and Bavarian cultures. Its small garden will make you enjoy your nights out with friends while listening to good music and matching your favorite beer with a delicious burger. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

Address & telephone number: Berliner Pub, 2 Katolička Porta, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 64 93 40 605

Red Cow

Located in one of Novi Sad’s oldest buildings, at the North end of Zmaj Jovina Street, the Red Cow combines the Serbian spirit with a true commitment to Irish pub culture and music. The venue is not far from Danube Park nor from the Cathedral, which makes it easily accessible for travelers and tourists. This place is a must-go for all Guinness lovers, as a kind staff actually serve the stout on tap according to the most genuine Irish tradition.

Address & telephone number: Red Cow, 28 Zmaj Jovina, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 21 42 71 36

Wake Up Juice Bar

As the name suggests, Wake Up, specializing in juices and healthy products, is a real boost for your day. If you’re into fresh fruits, natural biscuits and delicious ice creams, this place is the best choice in town. Its pastel interior matches well with the insightful selection of fine, natural products. Whether you go for a blackberry powder smoothie or a chocolate coffee, Wake Up and its helpful staff will surprise you with its positive, energizing atmosphere. Because of their healthy fare, the bar is perfect for people with allergies, vegetarians and vegans, and it’s an excellent choice for non-drinkers.

Address & telephone number: Wake Up, 12 Milete Jaksica, Novi Sad, Serbia +381 62 89 19 186