How to Spend 24 Hours in Sombor, Serbia

Statue of poet Laza Kostic in Sombor , Serbia
Statue of poet Laza Kostic in Sombor , Serbia | © Nenad Nedomacki/Shutterstock
Photo of John William Bills
26 July 2018

A small town of less than 50,000 inhabitants, Sombor is one of the most delightful cities in all of Serbia. Some say it might be the prettiest, and it is hard to disagree. The town of painters and fishermen is perfect for a day trip, and we’ve got the ideal 24-hour itinerary ready for you.


Explore the city centre

Vojvodina is home to Serbia’s finest architecture, and much of it seems to be located within Sombor itself. The town centre is an absolute delight to stroll through, with each building giving the impression that something truly important took place here. The Municipal Assembly Building is the jewel in that crown, a simply stunning neoclassical building constructed in the 19th century.

Spend the morning walking around the centre of town, taking in the scenery. The main pedestrian street is full of places to stop for a coffee, all of which are as enjoyable as the last. There are few travel experiences more satisfying than a languid stroll around Sombor.

The County Hall in Sombor, Serbia | © Nenad Nedomacki/Shutterstock


Fish pie for lunch

After a morning of looking from afar, fill up on some good old-fashioned scran before moving on to the next round of sightseeing. Sombor is famous for its fish pies, and there is no better place to enjoy one than at Fijaker. The restaurant is located in the Park of Heroes, making it a truly idyllic place to stop for lunch.

Head out on the hunt for art

Give yourself a little extra time for lunch, enjoying every aspect of the meal and the inevitable glass of rakija, before heading out to discover Sombor’s incredible collection of art. The famous painting depicting the Battle of Senta may well be the cream of that crop, a magnificent oil painting contained within a truly majestic gold frame. Franz Eisenhut was the artist, and it is by far the biggest painting of its kind in Serbia.

The Battle of Senta is found in the Municipal Assembly Building, so give that plenty of time before moving on to the Milan Konjović Gallery. Konjović was a famous Serbian painter who spent some time in Paris, and his oeuvre is divided into six colour-centric phases. 500 of his best pieces are found in the museum.

The cute interior of Fijaker in Sombor, Serbia | © Fijaker Club Sombor


Let the gluttony begin

Once you’ve had your fill of art, head to Stari Slon (The Old Elephant) to get your fill of that famous Serbian hospitality. Arguably the best traditional restaurant in town, Stari Slon offers all the classic authentic national dishes in an environment that could just as easily host a royal dinner as it could a peasant knees up.

The garden is particularly enjoyable, so settle in for a couple of hours of food and rakija at the Old Elephant. The waiters won’t mind you taking your sweet time, so don’t rush dinner. Let the conversation ebb and flow, in that most wonderful Serbian way.

Succulent meat at the Stari Slon, Sombor | © Restoran Stari Slon


Culture at the National Theatre

Theatre culture is alive and well in Serbia, with top quality theatres found from Subotica all the way down to Niš. The National Theatre in Sombor is widely regarded as one of the best, and we wholeheartedly recommend picking up a ticket to a show to find out why. Housed in another beautiful 19th century building, two stages offer differing atmospheres depending on your theatre preference. Looking for something grandiose? The Big Stage is for you. Something a little more intimate? It goes without saying, but head to the Small Stage.

A night at the theatre is a great way to spend the night in Sombor, followed by a little bit more rakija at the many bars on the main pedestrian drag.

Sombor's theatre is one of the finest in all of Serbia | © Milan Djurdjevic / WikiMedia Commons

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