The Best Places to Stay in New Belgrade, Serbia

Does it get any better than this? | © Crowne Plaza Belgrade/
Does it get any better than this? | © Crowne Plaza Belgrade/
Photo of John William Bills
1 February 2018

New Belgrade might not get the love it deserves, but the city’s largest municipality isn’t sulking about. Novi Beograd is home to some of the finest restaurants and cafes in the city, and the accommodation sector is pulling its weight too. If you’re looking to stay on this side of the river, here are your best options.

Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade, Belgrade

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The unusual Falkensteiner Hotel in New Belgrade
The unusual Falkensteiner Hotel in New Belgrade | © Falkensteiner Hotel/

The Falkensteiner stands tall over New Belgrade in more ways than one. The neon lights leave the visitor in no uncertain terms about its location, and this 4-star property has well and truly earned each and every single one of those quality markers. In truth, it is a complimentary pair of slippers away from a fifth. The building was designed by noted architect Boris Podrecca, and the interior impresses as much as the exterior intrigues. A genuinely top quality hotel.

Crowne Plaza Belgrade, Vladimira Popovića

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Crowne Plaza Belgrade
Crowne Plaza Belgrade | © Crowne Plaza Belgrade/

Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza Hotel is located just a short walk from the iconic Sava Center, a hub of culture and modernity once you enter the suspiciously brutalist building. What is there to say about Crowne Plaza that hasn’t already been uttered? This is one of the biggest hotels in the city in terms of capacity, and it never feels like the size is running away. Expect all of the comfort and professionalism that the international chain promises.

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  • Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Belgrade

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    A monolith in New Belgrade
    A monolith in New Belgrade | © Hyatt Regency Belgrade/

    Speaking of international chains, Belgrade’s Hyatt Regency hotel is located in the very same neighbourhood. This modern 5-star hotel is located across the busy street from Ušće Shopping Centre, but and its proximity to Brankov most (Branko’s Bridge) makes it a great option for exploring both sides of the city. A veritable buffet of rooms, suites, bars, restaurants and the rest are on offer in this monolithic building.

    Hotel Passport Garni

    A passport is absolutely vital if one wants to travel, and you didn’t think we’d go this whole entry without using that did you? Hotel Passport Garni is a delightfully functional hotel in New Belgrade with a variety of rooms just waiting to be enjoyed. Belgrade’s finest landmarks are celebrated through the art on the walls, adding an element of pride that well and truly fits the surroundings.

    ArkaBarka Floating Hostel

    ‘ArkaBarka Floating Hostel’. The name is tantalising enough, right? The boats along the Danube are best known for the famous clubs and bars, but there are plenty of sleeping spots located on the shores as well. The morning cup of coffee is a big part of any hostel stay, and sipping that morning brew as the river idly floats by is an experience you can’t afford to pass up.

    IN Hotel Belgrade, Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića

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    IN Hotel Belgrade
    IN Hotel Belgrade | © IN Hotel Belgrade/

    The exterior of IN Hotel might not be the most inspiring visual in the city, but all is forgotten once you enter the modern interior and immerse yourself in an excellent accommodation experience. Any hotel with a roof terrace is alright by our reckoning, and this one offers unbeatable views of Belgrade old and new. These views would be reason enough to endorse IN Hotel, but the accommodation side of things is top notch as well.

    New Belgrade Hotel

    It might not have the most imaginative name, but New Belgrade Hotel obviously used up all of its imagination points when it came to putting together the interior and the facilities on offer. This is an excellent boutique hotel on the northern side of the river that comes complete with a swimming pool and a gym, although the concept of going to the gym while on holiday doesn’t quite compute with us. New Belgrade Hotel only has 14 rooms, but why would it need more?

    Tulip Inn, Belgrade

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    Tulip Inn Belgrade
    Tulip Inn Belgrade | © Tulip Inn Belgrade/

    The Tulip Inn was built in 1972, but readers fearing a shuttle back into the functional days of communism need not worry. The New Belgrade spot was completely renovated in 2010, and the scent of modernity permeates from all sides. Tulip Inn is as good for business events as it is for fitness getaways, and the team leaves no stone unturned in the quest for a professional service.

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