Belgrade's 9 Best-Kept Food Secrets

Plenty of colours at the Super Donkey
Plenty of colours at the Super Donkey | Courtesy of Super Donkey / Facebook

Despite being the largest city in the region, Belgrade is a city of few secrets. The best things generally do get lots of attention, especially on the food front. These are some of the best spots for grub in the Serbian capital – restaurants and eateries that tend to get overlooked by guidebooks and travelogues.

Stari Rusmir

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A typically busy night at Stari Rusmir
A typically busy night at Stari Rusmir | @ Stari Rusmir/Facebook

Something of an old Zemun classic here, albeit one that has been resurrected from the dead. Rusmir has long been a hidden culinary gem in Belgrade, although that only applies if you are a carnivore and one with a particular liking for sausage. No ordinary bangers though, we’re talking the finest pork and the finest preparation combining to make the perfect sausage fest. Yes, we went there.

Ćirino Drvce

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Meat, meat, and a little bit more meat. And cheese!
Meat, meat, and a little bit more meat. And cheese! | © Cirino Drvce / Facebook

New Belgrade’s Goce Delčeva street is famous in the city, and it has nothing to do with the Bulgaro-Macedonian revolutionary after which it is named. The street is full of fast food joints, offering pljeksavica and ćevapi throughout the hours of the night. It is difficult to choose a single place, but Ćirino Drvce does thrust its hand forward by weight of greasiness and gluttony. The classics are all available, but we heartily recommend the so-called ‘Serbian Snickers’. It has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate, but that’s all we’re saying. Trust us.

Bucko Pizza

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We’ve spent plenty of time in Belgrade, yet we’ve never walked past Bucko Pizza without seeing a queue out the door. Well, ‘door’ isn’t accurate, as all service at this tiny pizzeria is done from a window on the side of the street. The pizza is decent enough, but whats sets Bucko apart is the additions you can make to your slice. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of salad on top of a pizza, then make a beeline for Bucko. Just be ready to wait in line a little bit.


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Sat opposite Dom Omladine, Mornar sort of looks like a launderette from the outside. Its unassuming blue and yellow facade almost repels visitors, but those who choose to eat anywhere else are missing out on some of the finest home cooking in the city. This is food that your grandparents enjoyed, in a most adorable setting. If you’re stuck figuring out what to try, go for the pasulj. You won’t be disappointed.

Super Donkey

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Plenty of colours at the Super Donkey
Plenty of colours at the Super Donkey | Courtesy of Super Donkey / Facebook

Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t a restaurant offering Eeyore and friends cooked in a variety of ways. Super Donkey is a million miles from that actually. This little eatery on Krunska is another excellent vegetarian option in Belgrade, offering colourful and vibrant food that are as engaging as they are toothsome. The salads might be the best option. If you’re shaking your head at the idea of a salad as a meal, you clearly haven’t discovered Super Donkey yet.


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The cosy interior of Miamiam in Belgrade
The cosy interior of Miamiam in Belgrade | Courtesy of Miamiam / Facebook

Yes, this place is named after the noise you make when imitating eating. It makes a lot of sense, and you will struggle to avoid making mention of the noise while dining at this delightful Vračar spot. It isn’t the biggest in the city but it may well be the cutest, and the garden further emphasises that. A real ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ restaurant, so keep your eyes open on Kursulina.


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Pahuljica is ideal for large parties with large appetites
Pahuljica is ideal for large parties with large appetites | Courtesy of Pahuljica / Facebook

Zvezdara is one of our favourite parts in the city, and we always make a beeline for Pahuljica when the tummy starts rumbling. This is as homely as Belgrade gets, which is no small achievement in a city that prides itself on its congeniality. The lush greenery of Zvezdara is the perfect summer spot, ideal for an afternoon meal and the most delicious of cakes.

Restoran Trem

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The splendid interior of Kafanica Trem
The splendid interior of Kafanica Trem | Courtesy of Kafanica Trem / Facebook

It is unlikely that most tourists will venture as far out as Čukarica, but those who do are in for a gastronomic treat at Trem. All the classics are found on a menu that doffs its proverbial cap to the proud culinary traditions of the nation, with a few continental and international options thrown in for good measure. The steaks are particularly impressive, worth every single one of the kilometres of the journey.

Skadarlijske Kobasice

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Sausages and little else, but what sausages!
Sausages and little else, but what sausages! | © Kopa Na Klik / Facebook

Food outlets in Serbia generally fall into two categories when it comes to variety on the menu. On the one hand you have places that try to do a little bit of everything for everyone. On the other you have spots like Skadarlijske Kobasice, who offer just one thing and do it immensely well. Sausages are the name of the game here, and the simplicity of it all is matched by the toothsomeness of the bangers available. The location near Skadarlija is obviously another tick in its porky box.

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