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You'll Never Guess How Much a Latte Costs in Russia

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 5 September 2017

As Mr T would say, ‘quit your jibber-jabber’ because the price of a coffee in Russia will give you a heart attack. Literally.

We’ve all ranted and raved at how expensive a coffee is. Some spend thousands on the stuff ever year (we’re blaming you Starbucks and Pret!).
New research shows that the average cost of a tall latte costs a whopping 12 dollars in Russia (nine pounds). And yes, we’re just as shocked as you are.

© Value Penguin/Market Watch

The folks at ValuePenguin, a research firm that helps consumers understand the value of their purchases, created a so-called ‘Latte Index’, which outlines the average amount of how much a Starbucks coffee costs in 44 countries around the world.
Russia tops the chart, followed by numerous countries in South East Asia, then India, and Egypt. Unsurprisingly the United States was the cheapest place to grab some java, but then again, we all kind of guessed that.


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