Where to Listen to Jazz in St Petersburg

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20 June 2018

St Petersburg is definitely one of the most artistic and inspiring cities in the world – with all its channels, romantic sunsets, theaters, museums and galleries, it is difficult to neglect the creativity flowing in the city. Jazz concerts, jamming nights and spontaneous improvisations are an integral part of this atmosphere. We’ve selected some of the best jazz venues in Russia’s cultural capital for you to enjoy.

The Hat

Bar, European, $$$
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One of the iconic jazz places in the city, known to all local jazz lovers, is The Hat. It has the relaxed and free atmosphere of a classic jazz bar, similar to the setting you’d find in 1950s USA. Jamming sessions take place every day with a mix of styles and local and foreign artists – you can’t miss this place if you are a jazz fan in St Petersburg. There aren’t table bookings, so be prepared to wait for a table.

JFC Jazz Club

Bar, European, $$$
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A comfortable and cozy space, JFC Jazz Club is perfect for attending a single artist concert. It has a busy program, and a new band plays every day. The repertoire consists mostly of contemporary jazz and avant-garde styles. As the entrance is by ticket only, we recommend checking out their website in advance.

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#jfcjazzclub#28июля# Lenny Sendersky Quartet "Back Home" -  оригинальные композиции Lenny Sendersky sax (Израиль) Алексей Дегусаров гитара (СПб) Zoltan Renaldi bass (Индонезия) Пётр Ившин drums (Москва) Ленни Сендерский – саксофонист и композитор, сформировавшийся в Петербурге, живущий ныне в Израиле, автор многочисленных джазовых композиций, музыки театра и кино. Он прошел превосходную джазовую школу – обучался у Геннадия Гольштейна, а потом стажировался в Датской Ритмической консерватории в классе Марка Бернстайна (США). Ленни Сендерский регулярно выступает с американскими ,европейскими музыкантами. Музыка Леонида Сендерского – это яркое сочетание современных ритмов и традиционного джаза с ощутимым привкусом еврейской мелодики и свежими композиторскими идеями. Ленни Сендерский - участник многих международных проектов с музыкантами из США,Европы,Израиля и России :Randy Brecker,Tony Romano,Cleve Douglas, Amos Hoffman, Anat Fort, Слава Ганелин ,Joe Locke. KJ Denhert,Natalie Kertis, Ernersto Simpson,Sinne Eeg, Alexi Tuomarila , Kari Ikonen, Kadri Vooraand,Jaak Sooaar ,”Ничей квартет”, «FRESH Quartet», Андрей Кондаков,Виктория Урусова, Алексей Чижик, Роман Столяр, Анатолий Текучёв,Евгений Лебедев. Участник фестивалей Red sea jazz festival (Eilat),Tel-Aviv jazz festival, “Globus jazz” (Jerusalem) ,Latin jazz music festival (NewYork) ,«Джаз в саду Эрмитаж», «Усадьба джаз», «Петропавловский джаз фестиваль»(СПб) и др. Lenny Sendersky Quartet - "Blues Mizrahi"

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Dom 7

Bar, European, Russian, $$$
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This jazz bar is one of the few that serves food, welcomes business lunches and is open during the day. It is a jazz territory that has already become one of the favorite performance venues among young and established artists. The central location and the picturesque view of the Savior-on-Blood Cathedral create the romantic atmosphere of this place.

Jazz Philharmonic Hall

Concert Hall
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If you prefer your jazz nights in a more classic atmosphere with an orchestra and a concert hall, check out Jazz Philharmonic Hall. It is one of the most established jazz venues in the city, attracting famous local and international artists. It also organizes summer open airs, so keep an eye on the website if you are visiting St Petersburg during warmer months.

Enjoy the expressive improvisation of jazz musicians | © SocialButterflyMMG / Pixabay

Red Fox Jazz Café

Bar, Cafe, European, Russian, $$$
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Named after Henry ‘Red’ Allen, Red Fox Jazz Café is a very atmospheric spot on the city’s jazz map. A very small, comfortable space with a friendly atmosphere, the café’s concept reminds visitors a bit of French jazz bars. Red Fox plays live music only, tends to have smaller bands and doesn’t throw big events. It is the perfect place for a calm dinner and a moment to appreciate good music.

Jimi Hendrix (G.A. Blues Club)

Bar, European, $$$
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Seven nights a week, you’ll hear blues at this small jazz club named after legendary Jimi Hendrix. Sometimes, blues is mixed with jazz and rock music performances here, but the venue is small and the atmosphere is really great. Also, this club is located in the house where the famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin once lived.

Pianobar Niko

Bar, European, Russian, $$$
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Pianobar Niko has been hosting jazz concerts for the past several years, along with a great selection of other musical genre performances. Its concept was created around the idea of one special evening in someone’s life that is spent in a circle of best friends and an unforgettable feeling that ‘everything will be alright’. The venue can host around 50 guests, and each visitor will be able to find a comfortable spot at the bar or close to the musicians.

Jazz fans won’t be disappointed in St Petersburg | © dlohner / Pixabay

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