Where to Find the Best Burgers in St Petersburg

© Lampaphotovideo / Courtesy of Myasnaya Lavka
Photo of Olga Glioza
2 April 2018

The gourmet burger craze descended upon St Petersburg just a couple of years ago, but it has already pretty much conquered the city. It is difficult to count how many burger cafes and restaurants have opened in the last months, not to mention all the restaurants that added burgers to their menu. We wouldn’t be surprised if another spot opened while you are reading this article; meanwhile we’d like to invite you to explore some of the best burger joints that exist right now in St Petersburg.

Bar Bureau

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© Marina Akimova / Courtesy of Bar Bureau

Some of the best burgers in town are ones you can construct yourself. At Bar Bureau, you can choose a bread, sauce and any selection of toppings you want. The variety is as extensive as your imagination and culinary preferences. They also have a great selection of signature cocktails to pair with your custom burger.

SB Burgers

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Courtesy of SB Burgers

With four central locations, SB Burgers is one of the most successful burger restaurant chains in St Petersburg now. The menu offers a wide selection of burgers, and the recipes are quite addictive. You can find vegan options, healthy burgers and signature burgers created in collaboration with famous bloggers. That’s right, bloggers helped inspire some of the more unique creations on SB Burgers’ menu.

Myasnaya Lavka

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One of the most impressive burgers in town is served at Myasnaya Lavka; we are talking about ‘The Champion’, a gigantic burger that consists of six beef patties with layers of cheese and bacon sandwiched between. If that doesn’t excite you, try the ‘Super Champion’ with 12 layers. For more modest appetites, Myasnaya Lavka serves a wide range of burger options.

KetchUp Burgers

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Image source: KetchUp Burgers / VK.com

KetchUp Burgers is focused on putting a unique twist on the traditional American dish. Here you will find plenty of varieties, even burgers with toppings like raspberries, salmon, shrimp and more. The selection of sauces and entrees is quite impressive, so you might have trouble deciding what to order. No matter what you decide, it will be a culinary adventure.

Krasnodarskiy Paren

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The burger restaurant that became popular in Krasnodar has now opened another venue in St Petersburg. Krasnodarskiy Paren specialises in super-tall burgers, and has therefore introduced another diverse burger type to the local scene. Here you can try pretty much every kind of meat on one burger–all surrounded by delicious creamy sauces and gooey cheese.


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© Maria Bocharova / Courtesy of Frank restaurant

Restaurant Frank has earned a reputation for having the most unusual burgers in town–although, with all the choices popping up in the city, it is really difficult to judge. The chefs of the restaurant have nearly eliminated the traditional classic burger, replacing it with a dozen unique fillings. By the way, the meat in the restaurant is prepared in huge ovens, just like the ones Michelin star chefs use–a rare thing to see in St Petersburg.

Zen Vegan Burger

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This is a perfect choice for vegans who are craving a juicy burger. At Zen Vegan Burger you won’t get distracted by other menu choices and you can be sure that your dish doesn’t contain any meat or derivatives. The menu is quite unique and masterfully crafted, making each recipe mouthwatering and memorable.


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Do you need a haircut? Just asking. The bar Pif-Paf is known not only for its great burgers, but for its hairdressing services located next door as well. The assortment may not be the most extensive compared to other burger restaurants, but the flavours are really interesting, including the vegetarian options. The prices are reliably affordable, and the atmosphere is pretty unique.