What To Do on a Rainy Day in Moscow

Streets of Moscow | © quinntheislander / Pixabay
Streets of Moscow | © quinntheislander / Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist16 March 2018

The capital of Russia is, of course, its main cultural and political centre. And while it looks lovely in the summer, it is not famous for its pleasant warm weather most of the time. If you’re visiting in autumn or spring, you’ll most likely experience an odd rainy day; however, you don’t have to worry, there are plenty of places for you to visit and still remain entertained and relaxed. Here’s our pick of what to do on a rainy day in Moscow.

Visit historic Danilovsky Food Market

Head toward the centrally located indoor food market called Danilovsky, which is considered to be a paradise for foodies from all over Moscow. Choose one of the restaurants in the food hall and treat yourself with something fresh and tasty, or fill your basket with the best selection of local products. You may think that this place will only fill an hour or so of your day, but there are so many foods to try and items to learn about, you may enjoy yourself here all day. Yum!

Visit the Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography

Located in the heart of the Red October district, in front of Christ The Saviour Cathedral, is this photographic centre, which holds various exhibitions monthly. Here you can visit one of them, as well as drink traditional Russian tea in an authentic cafe and finish your visit with a stop at the photo book store.

Have a drink at the secret bar Voda after 6 pm

This hidden gem for locals was opened recenly in 2017 and immediately became one of the most beloved spots for trendy young people. Here you may treat yourself with the most unique cocktails in Russia’s capital. You can even ask the bartender to mix you a brand new drink; you’ll always get a perfect result.

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Visit historical metro station Mayakovskaya

Named after one of the most famous Russian poets, Vladimir Mayakovsky, this Moscow metro station is a must-visit destination for visitors. This is the only station in Moscow that was designed according to the poems of an author. Marble floors and walls all represent poetry and the mosaics are designed according the author’s idea of ideal colours.

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Visit contemporary Russian cuisine restaurant Severyane

This centrally located popular spot operates seven days a week, and we highly recommend you book a table in advance since it’s quite busy. Enjoy one of the local contemporary dishes (that is also affordably priced) and have a great time inside, the interior of the venue is exceptional.

Visit Biblio Globus bookstore

Biblio Globus bookstore is situated right in the city centre, just a 15 minute walk from Red Square. It’s considered to be one of the biggest and oldest bookstores in Russia. Only here can you visit a huge reading hall and read books in different languages.

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Book a visit to Sanduni traditional Russian banya

This old, authentic bath house is located in the historical heart of Moscow (Tverskoy neighbourhood). Sanduni is considered to be one of the most beloved and popular spots among locals during the weekends and national holidays, especially in winter and during the rain season. Only here can you book a special Russian treatment and indulge in a traditional bathing ritual right after. The small touches and excellent service set Sanduni apart from other spas; it is a special recreational institution, not just a sauna. Traditional treatments at Sanduni include hot and cold baths, a sauna experience and herbal massage packages.

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