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The Robotic Symphony | Dmitry Morozov’s High-Tech Art
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The Robotic Symphony | Dmitry Morozov’s High-Tech Art

Picture of Sophia Francis
Updated: 29 January 2016
Great technological advances are made by ingenious thinkers, profoundly clever, intelligent scientists who experiment with existing technology and reveal something exciting and intriguing to the world. This is precisely what has been achieved by Russian media-artist and engineer Dmitry Morozov, whose latest symphonic development ‘Nayral-ro’ has piqued the interest of many avid technology fans.

The mechanized workings of an intricate, conductor-receptive contraption – the intriguing, music-making movements of technology: that’s what is making the headlines. The work of Moscow media-artist, engineer and genius Dmitry Morozov is bold, clever and inventive, and it is exciting for a reason. In this orchestral line-up we have, not a string quartet but, a set of robotic arms that stand poised ready and waiting to deliver the renowned modern day modem dial-up sound. This sound is comprised of a string of staccato notes, beeps and tones, which epitomizes the cohesion of music and science.

A member of, Morozov is constantly involved with numerous projects, workshops and undertakings that are educational and showcase the best of science, technology and the arts. Fusions of these three areas can be seen in projects such as ‘luminescence’, the synchronization of a repetitive clapping rhythm and fluorescent lamps, which exemplifies the responsiveness of light to sound via technology. Another instance of Morozov’s unique work includes oil, an exhibition that presents an opportunity for visitors to literally break an object that they possess for the purpose of creating abstract sound art – culminating in a strange but utterly mesmerizing, sustained musical note.

Morozov’s latest work ‘Nayral-ro’ consists of exactly 12 robotic arms, which possess sound-transmitting speakers that are receptive to spatial movement and a Leap Motion controller. It is near unsurpassed in its uniqueness in the sense that the music is produced in real-time with precise adjustments being made by the robotic arms in response to a live conductor. It synchronizes the composition and recital of music, and is done elegantly with advanced technology that is even being refined – because Morozov aims to produce more sophisticated varieties of this work. Simply, it provides us with a succinct answer to this question: can a robot play a symphony?