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Cocktails |© bridgesward / Pixabay
Cocktails |© bridgesward / Pixabay
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The Best Hangover Restaurants in Moscow

Picture of Yulia S.
Contributor / Journalist
Updated: 1 November 2017
So you’re finally in Moscow? Great! You’ve been partying for the whole night like a Russian? Congratulations! It’s a very hard thing to resist at night, however, it might be really difficult if you don’t know how to drink in the same manner as Russians do. We totally feel you. Modern Moscow’s restaurant scene is filled with diners, cafés, and restaurants that will leave your stomach feeling content and full once again after such a difficult morning. These are the best spots across Moscow that are going to help you to take your hangover away.

Boston Seafood & Bar

Bar, Seafood, $$$
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This is the perfect Boston seafood spot after a hard party in Russia, yet a perfect place for solo hangover dining and escapism from modern weekend reality. Fancy yourself a visit here, have a glass of wine, mussels, oysters, whole fish of the day, and raw tartar. You’ll be healed one hour after.
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