Moscow. NikolayFrolochkin (c) | Pixabay
Moscow. NikolayFrolochkin (c) | Pixabay
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The Most Photogenic Spots in Moscow Only Locals Know About

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Updated: 8 December 2017
The city of Moscow has a lot to offer photographers. The most photogenic and beautiful spots in Moscow are hidden across the city. However, they’re all easy to reach, if you know where to look. Here are the top photogenic spots only locals know about.
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The Ostankino Tower

This tower is the main TV tower in the Russian Federation and it’s one of the most fascinating towers in Europe. What’s interesting is that Ostankino is considered to be one of the tallest structures in the world, approximately 540 meters (1,771 ft). The tower is easily accessible and can be viewed from nearby districts. The top floor of the tower is made of glass and can be accessed by elevator. An entrance ticket, which can be purchased at the building, is required.

Akademika Koroleva St, 15, Moskva, Russia

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Strastnoy Boulevard

Strastnoy Boulevard, located in the Tverskoy neighbourhood, is a hidden gem in the heart of Moscow. It’s just 550 meters (.3 miles) long, but it has enough charm to warm anyone’s heart. It is covered with historic houses and mansions and even has a small theatre. The architectural diversity makes it wonderfully photogenic. Strastnoy was a favourite place for famous Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, as well as musician Vladimir Vysotsky. Because of their love for the boulevard, the city installed monuments in their honour.

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Hermitage Garden

Located at the same Tverskoy neighbourhood, this state garden was the first amusement park in Moscow back in the nineteenth century. Even now it is still a favourite weekend hangout for Muscovites. Hermitage Garden is surrounded by three drama theatres: Sphere, New Opera and The Hermitage. It is perfect for an afternoon of taking photos and enjoying snacks from local eateries. If you love taking pictures of architecture, Hermitage Garden won’t disappoint.

Ulitsa Karetnyy Ryad, 3, Moskva, Russia

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The Kuskovo Estate

Located in the southern part of Moscow, the Kuskovo Estate is one of the oldest estates in Moscow with a huge natural park and a lake right in front of it. This place is not widely known to visitors, so you’ll be in the good company of locals. If nature photography is your thing, we highly recommend visiting Kuskovo, especially during the winter when the landscapes are outstanding.

Ulitsa Yunosti, 2, Moskva, Russia

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The Tsaritsyno Estate and Park

The Tsaritsyno estate and park was founded in 1985; however, its story began back in the eighteenth century when Catherine The Great of Russia decided to buy the territory and build a new estate for her own leisure time. You can still find beautiful decorative bridges, pavilions, alcoves and fountains hidden throughout the natural park. Any photographer in a creative slump will find inspiration here.

Dol’skaya Ulitsa, 1, Moskva, Russia

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The Conquerors of Space Monument / VDNKh

This monument is considered to be one of the biggest and most impressive in the Russian Federation. It was built in honour of the 1964 Russian Space Program. With a total height of 110 meters (360 ft), this monument can be seen from every vantage point in Moscow. The Conquerors of Space Monument is extremely popular among locals for photo shoots, but not many tourists have heard about it yet. Be sure to check it out.

Prospekt Mira, 111, Moskva, Russia