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The Best Street Food In St Petersburg

The Best Street Food In St Petersburg

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Updated: 1 November 2016
Despite being an important cultural feature of some countries and cities, street food is not particularly popular in Russia, perhaps due to the harsh winters. But these days many young entrepreneurs have established so-called street food venues, where customers can order food to take away or enjoy their meal inside. Here are the best street food-style venues to visit in St Petersburg.

Kartofel’s Gribami

The main door of Kartofel’s Gribami café features a magic sign with the words ‘street food’ written on it. The main speciality of Kartofel’s Gribami is Dutch kapsalon, a potato dish with meat, cheese and fresh salad. In addition to the classic version with chicken, there are alternatives with salmon, seaweed and avocado, plus a vegetarian option with eggplant and zucchini. This delicious street food is available to take away and is conveniently wrapped in a cardboard box like those of traditional Chinese noodles.


Gorochovaya 12, St Petersburg, +7 812 994 09 83

Buro Byrgery

This little space is famous for its cool burgers, where you can choose the bun and ten variants of toppings from lamb to salmon. Their refreshing drinks are also great, including tangerine and cucumber lemonades, classic cocktails and homemade liquors on barberry caramels. A burger, of course, is also a great food to grab while you are in a hurry, but the real speciality of Buro Burgery is its hot tomato soup with pesto, basil and croutons, which is neatly poured into a cup. It is a great alternative to fast food. Any takeaway goes with a 10 per cent discount.


Zhukovskogo 29, St Petersburg, +7 812 940 3008

Image courtesy of Buro Byrgery
Image courtesy of Buro Byrgery


This small restaurant, characterized by low ceilings and neon lights, was originally positioned as street food venue. However, you will not find hotdogs here; Pita’s fancy chef has developed a creative approach to food preparation. Classic falafel in St Petersburg have begun to compete with local shawarma, so Pita’s chef learned how to present it in an alternative way with toppings of Italian spices and pickled beetroot and brynza feta cheese. The falafel wraps at Pita’s are exquisite gourmet delicacies, as they are cooked with exotic cumin or bilberry sauce. Pita’s street food is best enjoyed in the open air in the nearby park.


CC Galereya, 4th Floor, Gorochovaya 32, St Petersburg, +7 911 822 12 28

Image courtesy of Bar 812
Image courtesy of Pita’s


Located on the 5th floor of the Stockmann shopping mall, Obedbufet provides an atypical concept compared to other Ginza projects. It is a very affordable venue where you can relax after shopping and have a bite. The menu at Obedbufet has gathered all popular street food types including salads, soups, pizza and sushi. They also offer picnic sets, which include a cheese platter, celery and carrot sticks with hummus or fresh and juicy fruit salads. For healthy eaters, Obedbufet suggests you try their homemade kefir with ginger and coconut drink.


СС Nevsky Centre, Nevsky 114, St Petersburg, +7 812 961 63 11

Image courtesy of Obedbufet
Image courtesy of Obedbufet

Bistro Las Veggies

Bistro Las Veggies has opened its doors to all lovers of healthy food and offer discounted food available for takeaway. You can find a special raw bread and sweet mashed potatoes, but is are more to this restaurant than that. The menu at Las Veggies offers four types of vegetarian burritos with various fillings. There are classic versions, such as with falafel, and more unique ones, with fillings of beetroot and broccoli, or exotic tofu and mango.


Vladimirsky Prospekt 8, St Petersburg +7 921 912 1891

Image courtesy of Las Veggies
Image courtesy of Las Veggies