Best Bars in St Petersburg to Watch the 2018 World Cup

St Petersburg
St Petersburg | © James Byrum / Flickr
Russians take their football very seriously –there is no denying that. As a result, St Petersburg has learned to accommodate its avid fans in the many bars that religiously screen important sporting events. Join football fans as they roll into these places throughout the World Cup – just make sure to cheer for the right team!

Oh Sports

Bar, European, Russian, 0

Strategically located near the Petrovsky Stadium (not one of the World Cup stadiums, unfortunately), this bar has become a popular gathering place for sports fans. The owners of Oh Sports wanted to create the feel of a Soviet bar, meaning you won’t find any imported beer here. All the drinks are locally produced and of high quality. The snacks may seem strange to those unfamiliar with Russian cuisine, but they have all stood the test of time and definitely go well with a cup of frothy beer.

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Bar, Spanish, Tapas, $$$

The tapas bar Barslona has been enjoying great popularity over the past few years and has opened new locations in the city. What’s so special? It’s one of the few – if not the only – tapas bars in St Petersburg to specialise in Catalan cuisine. On a hot summer day their sangria is especially on point and, during sports events, the beer is always flowing.

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Foggy Dew

Pub, European, Irish, $$$

A very laid-back Irish pub with a simple kitchen, but copious choices of alcohol. Foggy Dew may seem pretty ordinary, but it’s a popular gathering place for football followers. The bar regularly screens matches and creates the perfect atmosphere for fans to get together.

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Mollie's Pub

Bar, Pub, Irish, European, Russian, Pub Grub, Wine, Beer, $$$

Another reputable establishment for excellent sports on TV and good beer on tap is Mollie’s Pub. Mollie’s, like many old bars in St Petersburg, doesn’t aim for originality – it just sticks to what it’s good at: beer, snacks and good company.

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