The Best Savoury Snacks You Should Try in Russia

Pavlofox (c) | Pixabay
Pavlofox (c) | Pixabay
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Not sure what to order in a restaurant? We’ve got your covered. Don’t know the difference between pelmeni and dumplings? You’re in the right place. If you’re travelling to Russia for the first time and are curious about the cuisine, this list is for you. Let’s explore the nourishing and mouth-watering variety of snacks you’ll find in Russia!


Pelmeni is extremely popular in Russia. First of all, this dish is very nourishing with wholesome ingredients crafted with care. Secondly, it holds up well after being frozen and is easy to re-heat. These so-called, ‘small dumplings’ are usually filled with different meats and vegetables and are made of different kinds of flours. Some of them are usually filled with meat, prawns, mushrooms and vegetables; however, if you travel south, you’ll see that the toppings and fillings vary.

Olivier Salad

Olivier Salad is one of the most popular celebratory dishes in Russia. It might be a birthday or a New Year’s Eve celebration, but no matter the occasion, you’ll see this salad on the table. This dish is usually made with different kinds of vegetables like onions, cucumbers and cold potatoes, as well as eggs and meat seasoned with Russian or French mayonnaise. Even if there isn’t a celebration nearby, you will most likely find this salad at one of the centrally located Russian restaurants in Moscow. An interesting fact: not many Russians know that this course was originally the creation of a Belgian cook named Olivier who worked in one of Moscow’s restaurants.

Borscht Beet Soup

This first course is probably the most popular in Russia and it would be a shame to return home without trying it. Borscht beet soup is served hot or cold, depending on the season. The main ingredients of the dish include beets, meat, cabbage, onions, potatoes, dill and carrots. If you are handy in the kitchen and feel inclined, you can find the ingredients and the recipe at a local market and make the dish yourself.

Blini – Russian Pancakes

Surely by now, you must know how much Russians love their traditional recipes and that goes for their blini with red or black caviar as well. Blini have been a part of the culture since the French introduced them in the eighteenth century. These wheat-based crepe-like treats have undoubtedly become a staple in Russia. They are thinner than the French crepes served in Paris, and Russians prefer to eat them with fish, sour cream, butter or other savoury garnishes. The result is usually a surprising and fun experience for visitors.

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Golubtsy Rolls

Golubtsy rolls are the home-made rolls of the beloved Russian babushkas, who cook them especially for their families every Sunday. This medium-sized cabbage roll is usually cooked with meat (or small Russian meatballs that you can buy in the supermarket) and seasoned with pepper, mushroom and tomato sauces. The cabbage is first boiled and then wrapped around meat (or meatballs). Golubtsy rolls are considered to be one of the most common dishes throughout Russia.

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