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The Best Russian Restaurants In St Petersburg, Russia

The Best Russian Restaurants In St Petersburg, Russia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Whether you’re a local or an active tourist, eager to explore authentic Russian cuisine, we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in St Petersburg to taste the delicacies of genuine Russian food.

Russkaya Ryumochnaya No.1

Russkaya Ryumochnaya No.1 reproduces the Russian drinking culture of the late 19th century. A wonderful atmosphere of a bygone era inside this venue has been created using wooden chairs and antique buffets, worn hardwood floors and lampshades. Dishes are served in thick glasses, while tea is served in cups with coasters. The kitchen includes only traditional meals, and the restaurant has an analogue of the Russian stove, where many dishes are cooked at a low temperature for several hours. For example, you can taste buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, baked pig or beets for borscht. Russkaya Ryumochnaya was created by Kirill Martynenko, who has also selected some of the best Russian recipes: from kiev cutlet and coulibiac with salmon to fish soup and beef stroganoff, or pancakes. And what rumochnaya could exist without vodka? There are 215 varieties of vodka, including rare specialties which could not be bought at the supermarket, which you can taste in a special room.


Konnogvardeisky bulvar 4, St Petersburg, +7 812 570 64 20

Troyka Restaurant

Three harnessed white horses are a symbol of a Russia that has been living for centuries. Troyka Restaurant combines modern Russian, luxurious Byzantine and high-tech styles in its interiors. Walls are decorated, illuminated even, with colorful glass and paintings. Guests are captured by the solemn theatrical curtain, which unveils in the evening and presents enchanting live performances. Chef Oleg Schenker offers a variety of dishes of Russian cuisine: potato pie with rabbit liver in apple and cranberry sauce, with golden onion rings, duck breast with asparagus, apples in caramel sauce and dried apricots. For the main dish, go for sturgeon on alder chips with a vegetable lecho sauce, based on white wine. Or alternatively, try the meat of a young goat with couscous, dried apricots and dried grapes. High quality service and individual approaches reflect the European level of Troyka.


Zagorodny 17, St Petersbourg, +7 812 407 53 43

Courtesy of Troyka Restaurant
Courtesy of Troyka Restaurant

Literaturnoe Kafe

In the heart of the city at the corner of the Moika Embankment is Literaturnoe Kafe, or Literary Café. It is spread out on two floors, which stores the cultural heritage of the northern capital in former times. Its menu offers Russian cuisine and desserts according to old recipes of an earlier Pushkin time. Each guest participates in the process of cooking on an open fire. During the evenings, Literaturnoe Kafe welcomes customers to listen to the charming sounds of precious musical instruments such as piano, bass and accordion. This institution has a romantic atmosphere, reminiscent of the ancient Petersburg, when famous poets and journalists met and discussed matters of cultural and literal importance.


Nevsky 18, St Petersburg, +7 812 312 60 57

Courtesy of Literaturnoe Kafe
Courtesy of Literaturnoe Kafe

Palkin Restaurant

Palkin Restaurant was the first to bring Russian cuisine to St Petersburg, and was located in the building on Nevsky Prospect. Former visitors include Dostoyevsky, Leskov, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Chekhov, Mendeleev, Tchaikovsky and other famous icons of Russian intelligence. Modern Palkin has retained the luxurious palace-style interior with wooden flooring, moldings, shining chandeliers and wall frescoes. Immaculate white tablecloths complement the savory foods and well-presented delicacies of Russian cuisine. Palkin’s kitchen is internationally renowned for its innovative interpretation of food. Visiting the restaurant will be a learning experience on the history of the aristocratic Russian cuisine.


Nevsky 47, St Petersburg, +7 812 703 53 71

Chekov Restaurant

As an idyllic rural getaway of the late 19th century, Russia is represented in Restaurant Chekov. Customers are welcome to enjoy their favorite delicious Russian dishes: kholodets or jelly pork legs, cabbage with apples and cranberries, smoked pork ribs, fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms, fine sturgeon and ruddy pies. A variety of beverages showcase their homemade ideology. Specialty drinks include authentic and fragrant juices of forest and garden berries, bubbly brew on rye breadcrumbs and Russian homemade brandy and liqueurs.

Petropavlovskaya 4, St Petersburg, +7 812 234 45 11

Courtesy of Chekov
Courtesy of Chekov