The Best Restaurants in Volgograd

© Free-Photos / Pixabay
© Free-Photos / Pixabay
Photo of Olga Glioza
24 May 2018

Volgograd’s restaurant scene has evolved over the past five years and now includes some real treats. There are a number of great places, from cozy and quirky cafés to fine-dining restaurants with a vast choice of dishes and drinks. Here are the top seven venues for you to visit and enjoy real culinary masterpieces by local chefs.

Trattoria Rimini

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This is an absolute la dolce vita e buonissimo place to visit. A traditional Italian restaurant right in the heart of Volgograd, it is always filled with locals and should be booked in advance. The decor of the venue is posh, with high ceilings and typical Italian chandeliers that cast a glowing light on the vast choice of tasty Italian courses. Perhaps the menu is a little predictable, but it’s all about the Italian classics. All the fresh ingredients are delivered daily to the restaurant, and the service is excellent. This is a place to visit during your viaggio to Volgograd.


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Bamberg is a small city in German Bavaria known for its brewing traditions. Taking inspiration from the city, the founders of the Bamberg restaurant created an authentic German concept in Volgograd. The restaurant has its own brewery and offers seven different kinds of beer to guests. The chefs make sure the portions are big and filling, and you will certainly enjoy the best of German cuisine.

Pivnaya Biblioteka

Bar, Restaurant, British, Russian, $$$
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This pub was created in the traditional English style, and it offers a selection of different kinds of beers and whiskeys to its guests. It is well-suited for slow dinners during weekdays and gatherings with friends at the weekend, when there are live music performances. The restaurant also has daily specials like a two-litre beer special on Tuesdays, where if you finish the two litres, the rest of your beer is free.

Knyagininskiy Dvor

Bar, Restaurant, Russian, European, $$$
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This restaurant specializes in Russian and European cuisine. It is known for having its own farm, making sure all the ingredients are organically grown, without the use of any chemicals. The chefs of the restaurant make sure the menu includes the best recipes from different cultures, introducing a great fusion of flavors. At Knyagininskiy Dvor, everyone will find something they like.


Bar, Restaurant, BBQ, Steakhouse, $$$
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At Bar&Grill, they are true professionals at preparing meat dishes and first-class steaks. All steaks are prepared in a professional oven called a “Josper.” Paying special attention to the quality of products chosen for the preparation of dishes, Bar&Grill offers tasty and healthy choices. Check out their “Blade,” “Skirt” or “Ribai” steaks prepared from marbled beef of the highest quality. To accompany the meat dishes, Bar&Grill offers a great selection of wines, strong drinks and cocktails.


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World-famous French cuisine can be found in Volgograd, and the best of its traditions are available for a tasting at Fasol. The ingredients for dishes are carefully selected, making sure guests receive the best flavors. A great selection of Champagne and Prosecco, accompanied with light and healthy gourmet dishes, is a perfect way to turn a pleasant evening into a night to remember.

Yulia S. also contributed to this piece.