The Best Restaurants in the Moskovsky District, St Petersburg

Lenin Statue on Moskovskaya Square | © Wikimedia Commons
Lenin Statue on Moskovskaya Square | © Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Anastasiia Ilina
16 April 2018

Among the daunting Soviet buildings, modern and innovative restaurants have begun to appear transforming the Moskovsky district into a new centre of nightlife and dining. Although there is still a long way to go, the restaurant scene here is constantly growing, and tasty venues are popping up regularly. Watch out for new places to appear and check out these few favourites that have already made a reputation for themselves.


Restaurant, Steakhouse, $$$
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Vegetarians will likely not appreciate this establishment. The main ingredient on the menu is meat and numerous variations of it. There are also soups and salads in case you’re looking for something lighter, but if you’re searching for a decent steak, this destination will satisfy. Wash it all down with one of the Belgian craft beers available on tap.


Restaurant, Mediterranean, Seafood, $$$
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A taste of Serbia in St Petersburg | © Che Group

Che-Dor is one of the few restaurants in St Petersburg, if not the only one, to specialise in Serbian cuisine. Perhaps it is not as recognised internationally, but Serbian food is delicious and filling. Expect lots of meat, both cooked and raw. Che-Dor also has a large selection of seafood dishes. The menu is well-designed with wine pairings listed next to certain dishes to round out the meal nicely.


Restaurant, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, South American, $$$
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Macarena is an experiment like no other in St Petersburg. It brought together Italian, Spanish and South American cuisines in a fusion that hasn’t yet been matched, and it is certainly something that you don’t come across often in the city. So if the words jamon, paella, tapas and fajitas make you eager with anticipation, this is a good place to check out. Meals are paired with a selective wine list and creative cocktails.

The Safe

Restaurant, European, $$$
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The Safe makes simple food, and does it well. The dishes are made depending on seasonal ingredients, which means they are always changing and evolving. There is always something new to try every week. The menu isn’t very long, but there is something for everyone, including a wide variety of meats, as well as vegetarian choices. There is also an appealing raw food section that is comprised of various dishes made with raw meats.

Chaykhana Chabrets

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, $$$
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This great restaurant is stylised as a traditional tea house | © Che Group

Derived from the concept of a Central Asian teahouse called a chaykhana, this establishment transports guests to Central Asia. As soon as you step through its doors, you feel like you’ve left the Moskovsky district. Spacious lounges, soft cushions and, of course, authentic food help set the mood. The head chef hails from Uzbekistan and knows all the secrets to making home-made meals from Central Asia. If a completely new cuisine sounds too experimental, then there are familiar options available as well.


Restaurant, Italian, European, $$$
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The word ‘vmeste’ translated from Russian means ‘together’, which is the best way to describe the vibe of this restaurant. It is a place to gather with the whole family. Children are not only welcome, but are likely to have a better time than their parents, as a supervised kids’ room is available, as well as special classes designed just for them. On the other hand, the menu promises a world of flavour for adults with several dishes to choose from, as well as snack boards to have with a glass of wine.

Pryanosti & Radosti

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$
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Pryanosti & Radosti is open 24 hours a day | © Ginza Project

An around-the-clock restaurant located right at the entrance to the city, Pryanosti & Radosti is sure to please. For the most part, the menu consists of dishes reflecting Georgian cuisine, which is very popular in Russia. Although some names of certain dishes may seem unfamiliar, the waiting staff will be happy to give a thorough explanation. There’s also a pleasant deal if you’re heading out to the airport. Dine at Pryanosti & Radosti and you’ll get a 10% discount, as well as a transfer to the airport. A sweet deal, but call in advance to check availability and book a table.

Bona Capona

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Bona Capona is a traditional family restaurant headed by an Italian chef from Toscana. To paraphrase the slogan of the establishment, they are Italians in spirit and welcome anybody who feels the same way. The family is especially proud of their hand-made pasta made with the finest ingredients. An authentic Italian restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a wine collection. Choose from one of their Italian wines to accompany your meal.

Floor 41

Bar, Restaurant, Fusion, $$$
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If heights don’t bother you, you will want to visit Floor 41, the highest restaurant in St Petersburg and in Northern Europe. An amazing view all across St Petersburg is guaranteed from 150 metres (492 ft) above ground. Need we say more? The menu is hard to describe as it is a mix of many cuisines. The head-chef has complete freedom over the dishes he creates, an approach that has resulted in a mixture of cuisines and lots of innovative dishes. Try to book a table around sunset to watch the city transform into a glittering spectacle.