The Best Pubs for Craft Beers in Saint Petersburg

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6 November 2017

Saint Petersburg holds proud the title of the best city in Russia for bar and pub culture. Every month, new establishments pop up all over the city, setting new trends or trying to defy the existing ones. For now, craft beer bars are holding down the place of sought-after evening destinations, each competing for the best local brew or the most exclusive import. Here are the most popular ones to date.


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Bakunin is a definitive leader in the craft beer scene of Saint Petersburg. It was founded by three enthusiasts who decided to give brewing a try for themselves. With time, their brews became well received not only by an international audience, but especially by locals. Now Bakunin has over 500 brands of bottled beer available, as well as 20 drafts beers of local brewing. The bartenders will be happy to chat about preferences and find something just right for each individual taste.

Pivnaya Karta

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Pivnaya Karta is a boutique beer shop, bringing together the best of Russian and overseas beer. There are over 400 different beers and ciders on sale at this boutique, along with helpful barmen who have all attended specialised courses, ready to help you pick the best one. Be wary, though, that Pivnaya Karta is not a sit-down type of pub. There are no chairs or tables here, just a long bar counter to enjoy a bottle or two. Perhaps not the most comfortable place for a night out, but ideal to get a beer to go.

Farsh & Bochka

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A combination of quality meat and beer – an ideal pair brought together at Farsh & Bochka, literally translated as ‘Mince and Barrel’. A large California-style beer hall with a choice of 30 craft brews on tap, including local ones. The beer snacks here are simple but good, with a choice of burgers, hot dogs and sausages – all made from high-quality meats. Vegetarians must not despair – there are choices here for all.


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Redrum is a dimly lit, cozy beer room. There are no bottled beers sold here, only 24 craft beers on tap. Over half of them are craft beers locally made by the AF Brew company. The rest are hand-picked brews from all around the world. The food menu here is not extensive – there are some simple toasts and snacks, along with some soups. Good to satiate hunger, but probably not as a full meal.


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BeerGeek is a small underground shop located in a basement on Rubensteyna Street. There are 12 taps of craft beer available to take away or drink on the spot. The basement may seem slightly crammed, but there are stairs running up towards the ceiling where one can sit down, perhaps not in the most comfortable position. Also, lectures on various beer-related topics are held here from time to time.


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A cozy beer shop with a backdrop of palm trees, among the must-try brews here are those from Hawaii and imports from Norway. In terms of Russian options, Beermuda has a selection from Moscow, but also stays true to Saint Petersburg brews as well. There’s a wide range here with a choice for every taste and budget.

Breaking Bad

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This establishment named after the popular TV show, Breaking Bad, was founded by a young chemistry student (yes, you heard me right). The bar brings in brews from the Bakunin brewery as well as from AF Brew, along with some imported beers. Although the craft brews here are not exclusive, this bar is one-of-a-kind in this location. So if you’re ever stuck on Petrogradsky Island, this is the bar in which to get your craft beer fix.

Pivnoi Etiquette

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Sine its appearance, Pivnoi Etiquette has specialised only in local craft brews. For somebody looking for an introduction to the Russian craft beer scene, this makes for a great starting point. Otherwise, the bar has a standard interior and screens for the occasional football or hockey matches. And the menu has snacks, well-paired with a pint of craft beer.

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