The Best Places to Stay in Sochi

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15 May 2018

Believe it or not, Russia is not entirely covered in snow and ice. It is a massive country, spanning over nine time zones and climate types ranging from permanent ice cap to humid sub-tropical. If you’re more into the sub-tropical end of the spectrum, Sochi is the place to go. If you decide on a short beach holiday in the city where the Winter Olympics were once held, here are your places to stay.

Hotel Primorskaya

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Hotel Primorskaya in Sochi | Hotel Primorskaya in Sochi

If you like the charm of small, old-fashioned 19th-century seaside towns, Primorskaya is a hotel for you. It is the oldest of the operating hotels in Sochi. Its location is excellent: it’s only a few steps away from both the beach and the centre of the town. Primorskaya falls right in the sweet spot between price and quality. It’s a perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a nice hotel at a reasonable price.

Roof Hotel

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With a Hostelworld rating of 9.4, Roof Hotel is an absolute favourite of backpackers visiting the area. Roof Hotel is the perfect option for travellers on a budget. It’s located quite close to the city centre and to the beach, and it offers a unique community experience. The accommodation options include bunks in 12-, 10- or 6-bed dorms, as well as private rooms. It’s a perfect place for the frugal traveller.

Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina

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If you’re looking to splurge on a resort-style holiday, Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina is the place to go. Zhemchuzhina stands for “pearl” in Russian, and this hotel truly is a pearl of the city. It’s located on a private beach, but close to all of the city’s main attractions. The hotel is a complete holiday centre in itself, with six different restaurants, two swimming pools, a nightclub and a children’s club all on the property of the complex. Zhemchuzhina is the place for an all-inclusive, luxurious holiday in Sochi.

Hotel Raduzhny

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Hotel Raduzhny is a perfect, family-friendly budget accommodation option in the very heart of Sochi. Raduzhny has only 24 rooms, which makes it very quiet and cosy. Guests with children can spend their time by the children’s pool while sipping a cocktail from the hotel bar. Raduzhny is located very close to the beach. It offers an excellent value for money.

Villa Atmosfera

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Villa Atmosfera is an ideal place to stay for those who are looking for some peace and quiet outside of the city centre. It offers 12 rooms, two restaurants, a pool, spa and a fitness centre. You can easily spend a week here without setting foot outside. If all you dream of is a pool, cocktails and nobody bothering you, Villa Atmosfera is an excellent choice.

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